Thursday, June 11, 2009

what I did last night OR I can't think of a title

Yesterday I had my at least half my post planned out in my head. Today I have no idea what to blog about. I guess I could write what we did at Young Womens last night. We are getting ready for Girls Camp at the end of July. We set up tents and worked on our song-thing. You'll love our song thing. You know the cheer that goes "Brr.... it's cold in here!" And so on? (I actually don't know it, but I'm told that's how it goes) Our song-thing (I need to come up with a shorter term, that takes to long to type song-thing over and over) goes like this:
We....believe in here!
There must be some faith in the atmosphere!
Repent...and be baptized!
You, you all better recognize! I said-
(and then someone yells) Slow it down now!
(and then someone yells) Break it down now!
And then we all start dancing.
It's great, we have a whole stomp-clap rhythm and hand motions and everything, but it makes me feel like a total idiot. And it doesn't help the the cutest boy in the ward (the one that I secretly like but my friend has dibs on) is watching. That doesn't help at all.
Moving on..... the theme for our banner/poster is STEPS TO FOREVER, so the leaders mixed up a whole bunch of concrete blocks and we all got to decorate one and and then we will paint the bottom of our foot and put it on the concrete. Very cool. They had all kinds of cool decorations like Mosaic tiles and little pieces of colored glass and pretty color pebbles and little ceramic butterflies and awesome stuff like that. I decorated mine with a red and orange color scheme and I'm going to put my foot on the diagonal. And there's a star drawn with a plastic knife in the middle that the the paint's gonna go over. It looks really cool. Not as cool as some of the other ones, but cool. I was gonna take a picture and post it on here, I went and got the camera and everything, but by the time I ran home and got the camera and ran back, they had moved all the concrete blocks. :( :( :( :( I wasn't very happy about that, but I guess I can get a picture once it's all done and I get it back. So that's what I did last night.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! very funny!any way I thought it was funny when you went to go get the camera came back nothing was there. ps I got a post from Evie!

  2. Ha ha ha ha very funny! I thought it was funny when you went to get the camera and nothing was left.
    PS I got a comment from Evie.

  3. Am I supposed to guess who it is?

  4. You are absolutely FORBIDDEN from guessing who it is, mom, and everybody else is forbidden to.


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