Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh No

My brothers just found out what 'constipated' means. To them, this is the funniest thing in the ENTIRE WORLD!
They seriously run all around the house telling each other what constipated means. WHY IS THAT FUNNY?!!?!!!!!???????!!!!!!?!!!! : w (that was supposed to be an angry face, but......)

I finally went shopping for girls camp. I think I left it a little late, we have to drop the stuff off at 6:00 tonight. And I don't have all the stuff yet, just the big things.

I was trying to turn this into a big post about all the stuff going on lately, but it's just not that interesting..........

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  1. That's boys for you. I grew up with mostly girls (our brother is much younger than all the sisters), and we never talked about fecal matter or anything like thereunto if we could possibly help it. It's pretty much all my husband wants to talk about, though, so that's been my life since I got married. (Friendly advice: Maybe marry someone who grew up with all sisters?)


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