Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things on my mind right now....

I heard a story on the news yesterday about how scientists were planning to throw dust and stuff up into the stratosphere in order to shade the earth. WHAT THE HECK!??!??!!?!! There is no way they could possibly pull that off. They would mess up the ozone layer or the water cycle or 'plunge us into eternal night' (I love that phrase for some reason) or something. What's wrong with how sunny the earth is right now anyway? And how are they supposed to be allowed to do that? If anyone was able to pull something like that off, it would affect every one of the 6 billion (or whatever number it is) people are on this earth. It would affect plants and animals too. I am very upset, because that news report made it sound like something that could be achieved withing the next few years. Seriously, what's wrong with how sunny the earth is now?

(breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breathe out)

I'm sorry you all had to listen to that , but I had to write it somewhere, and this was the closest place.

Changing the subject................I started working on a swim team yesterday, so did my brothers. It was cold. My mom did that when she was a kid, and so did her siblings, so she thought it was a good thing for us to do also. The funny thing is, Monkey wouldn't get in the pool. I guess he was scared, but he is usually so eager to do all the thing the big kids are doing, so it was very strange to see him refuse to get in.

I was gonna do another book review, but I'm a really bad typist and I'm tired of deleting my mistakes and I like to procrastinate...................

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