Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm not dead.... I just have no life.

I think that's a very clever title, by the way :)

So..... basically I go to a college-style High school where I get to spend three hours a day making music. I love it.

Additionally, it's the end of the quarter, so that means performances, peer reviews, and final grades stress. UGH!! I really REALLY like my school, though. I'm so not going back to normal school.

It's almost Halloween already. I find that bizarre. Kira and Jessica and Loren and I are doing matching costumes this year: Plain black T-shirts, long jeans, and MASKS!! They're super pretty- masquerade ball- style masks, I love them to death.

I had my first concert at LVA on Wednesday. It was really cool. Since I'm a freshman, I'm in the beginning choir, but its still really good. The other choirs, of course, are simply amazing!!! Even if I wasn't preforming, I would want to come to hear them sing.
I have my second concert at LVA this Wednesday. This one is for Orchestra. Since I'm a freshman, I'm in the beginning orchestra. We suck. Well, no we don't really SUCK, but I think the advanced Orchestra at my old middle school was better. The other Orchestras are also not that amazing- except for the most advanced one. They are AHHHHMAZING!!

I'm tired. I frequently am. Good night.