Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm not dead.... I just have no life.

I think that's a very clever title, by the way :)

So..... basically I go to a college-style High school where I get to spend three hours a day making music. I love it.

Additionally, it's the end of the quarter, so that means performances, peer reviews, and final grades stress. UGH!! I really REALLY like my school, though. I'm so not going back to normal school.

It's almost Halloween already. I find that bizarre. Kira and Jessica and Loren and I are doing matching costumes this year: Plain black T-shirts, long jeans, and MASKS!! They're super pretty- masquerade ball- style masks, I love them to death.

I had my first concert at LVA on Wednesday. It was really cool. Since I'm a freshman, I'm in the beginning choir, but its still really good. The other choirs, of course, are simply amazing!!! Even if I wasn't preforming, I would want to come to hear them sing.
I have my second concert at LVA this Wednesday. This one is for Orchestra. Since I'm a freshman, I'm in the beginning orchestra. We suck. Well, no we don't really SUCK, but I think the advanced Orchestra at my old middle school was better. The other Orchestras are also not that amazing- except for the most advanced one. They are AHHHHMAZING!!

I'm tired. I frequently am. Good night.


  1. -That doesn't make any sense. If you had no life, you would spend ALL your time on blogger, like me.
    -Yay about your choir! I love performing(piano and dance, for me)Sounds fun! Are you soprano or alto?
    -Hope you feel better soon! Good night.

    PS.-you know how you did that countdown for Mockingbird? How do you do that?

  2. -Point taken.
    -I prefer singing alto, but I can sing as high as most sopranos if I need to.
    -You know, I really don't remember where I got the countdown, i think it was a fan website. I put it on the blog as a URL gadget. It's one of the options for a sidebar button/widget.

  3. I didn't enjoy Courtship of Princess Leia nearly as much as other books. It had some pretty, um, adult stuff in there. If you don't think you're ready for the full NaNo, then you can do the YWP where you set your own word count instead of 50K. If not, maybe next year!


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