Friday, May 27, 2011

I got into Bella Voz today.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th

Yesterday sucked.

Our whole family was planning to travel up to Salt Lake, Utah this weekend to see Mom's family. When Mom told me last week she said we would be leaving Thursday night and coming home Sunday afternoon. And I said "Mom, I CAN'T miss any more school." I've been missing kind of a lot lately, because of the Handbells trip and Choir and Orchestra Festivals. But it was just one day... and besides, it's not like I really had a choice.
Then I found out my schedule for that day I would be missing.
Choir-Internal Auditions (not mine but still)
English- Big Test
Orchestra- Going over concert music I've only seen once before that we're performing in less than a month.
Bio- Big Quiz
Plus ANOTHER quiz- Geometry- I'm going to have to make up on Monday. So yeah. Really crappy day to miss school.
And then Dad had a lot of work he had to finish before we left, so we couldn't go Thursday night. So we left on Friday morning instead, but Dad still didn't get his work done so he stayed home. We got up early early on Friday morning and left without him. If I was smart I would have stayed home with Dad.
So we were driving up this hill, three hours later, listening to an audio book and whatever, and the car started making this grinding noise and slowing down. Mom tried taking off the cruise control and all kinds of stuff, but the car just kept slowing down. Within a few moments we weren't going forward at all. So we ended up pulling over, calling a tow truck (actually getting a passing highway patrolman to call a tow truck), and sitting on the side of the road for an hour waiting for it to come. I got VERY irritated during this wait, because there we were, obviously NOT going to Salt Lake, but I was still missing a ton of important schoolwork that's going to be a real pain to make up. And then the tow truck came and totally did NOT have enough room for five people in the passenger seat, so they had to call this van to come pick us up. In all fairness, the tow truck and van people were pretty polite and nice and good (except for the fairly large oversight of not bringing transportation for the five people the highway patrolman informed them would be waiting in the minivan that mysteriously refused to go forward) Anywhoo... we got towed/driven back to an auto shop in St. George (they told us the transmission kicked the bucket) and were picked up by my dad's brother and his family, who were incredibly gracious about us barging into their home for the weekend. If they are reading this: THANK YOU!!! And we stayed the night there and drove back to Vegas in a rent-a-car today.
So that was my Friday the 13th Misadventure. Moral of the story: Don't skip school, don't attempt to make a 6 hour drive with a failing transmission. But if you do, try to at least get plenty of reading/writing done.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I did good!

Not perfect, but good. Each audition was only four minutes long, so it's kind of impossible to be astonishing. But I think I impressed them. They said I made the rhythmic sight reading look easy, eve though it had triplets in it. And that's because I did it perfectly!!!!!
I messed up the melodic sight reading a little bit but other than that I think I did well. And I'm SOOOO relieved to have that over with. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There are four choirs at LVA: Les Chantreuses- starting women's, Cantare- starting mixed, Bella Voz- advanced women's, and Academy Singers- advanced mixed.

By the way I sure hope you guys like LVA politics because I've been posting a lot about them huh?
Anyways here's the general idea:
Les Chantreuses is the group you go in if it's your first year at LVA and you're a girl. No exceptions, as far as I know. This is the group I'm in. At the end of the year you perform an audition in front of both choir directors and they decide which group to put you in the next year.
Cantare is the group you go into if its your first year at LVA and you're a guy. Or if you're a girl and you get placed into Cantare when you've finished your year in Les Chantreuses.
Bella Voz is the group you get put into if your a junior and a girl and you don't suck or a sophomore if you're really good. Bella Voz is AMAZING.
Academy Singers is the top group, the professional level, the chorus of angels. It's a very small group, only the best juniors ans seniors get in, no underclassmen.

So basically the typical girl goes like this:
Freshman year- Les Chantreuses -> Sophomore year- Cantare -> Junior year- Bella Voz -> Senior year- Academy Singers. Theoretically. If you're not good they will keep you back in Bella Voz or Cantare, but not Les Chantreuses.

BUT if you're really good they'll also let you skip Cantare and go straight to Bella Voz. This is my dream in life. If I make it into Bella Voz I will die happy. It's not that Cantare is bad or anything, but I don't want to go in there. It's Bella Voce or bust, because Bella Voz sounds like... like... perfection. Like an ethereal choir of wood nymphs or something equally lovely. I think I can do it. It's hard for sophomores to get in, but a few girls make it every year, it's totally possible. I've been practicing for days. I'm going to just blow my director's socks off. I'd better.

Did I mention my audition is tomorrow?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Quality over quantity?

I disagree. I enjoy reading my own blog more when I actually POST more than once a month :)

It's the Father's And Son's Scouting overnighter tonight!!! Why do I care? Mom and I always do something awesome when we don't have to worry about the boys getting in the way :)

I think I want to read a great big fat huge 1000 page book this summer. What do you think it should be?

-Migillicutty :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Star Wars Day.

May the fourth be with you all. :)

At school it's also Flaunt Your Insecurities Day. You pick one of your biggest insecurities and write it on a plain white T-Shirt. It was really weird. How does letting people know what to tease you about make you feel less insecure? Not that I ever heard any teasing, because my school is just awesome like that, but still. Kids wrote things like "Dumb blond" "Awkward" "Never be good enough". "I have two gay dads who adopted me when I was one." I just don't think it helps. After all, if I was confident enough to write my insecurities on my shirt, they wouldn't be insecurities would they? My friend wrote "Body" on hers. She's really pretty and open minded and funny and about as close to stick-figure like as a 14 year old can get without looking anorexic and she's insecure about her body because she thinks she's fat. But now everybody not only knows she feels insecure about her body, they're also looking at her body to try to figure out why she thinks she's fat, which is exactly what she DOESN'T want because she's insecure, right? Its just weird, isn't it?

I'd much rather celebrate Star Wars Day :)My favorite Old Republic Jedi. Cuz Aayla Secura is freaking awesome :)
And a couple of cartoons made by a really hilarious DeviantArt-ist:I think they get bigger if you click on them. :) As soon as the pictures go on facebook I'll post about the Handbells Trip you didn't even know I took, but it was fun so I'll post about it anyways :)