Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who had a good Thanksgiving??

I did!!

I've gone on Blogger like every day for the past week, but I never post anything. That's kinda sad. So I'm posting.

Thanksgiving was So. Much. Fun! The day before, in seminary, instead of having a real lesson we all named some things we are thankful for (regular things like curling irons and pizza, not gospel things- those are a given) until we filled the whole whiteboard. Then we had to take turn erasing one thing we thought we could live without from the board. It was meant to show how blessed we are and how much we could live without if we had to.

The problem is, person 1 erased something person 2 really liked, so to get even person 2 erased whatever person 1 wrote down. It was pretty funny but kinda stupid at the same time. At one point we had erased 'rain', but gum and hair accessories were still on the board.

Apparently when you live in the desert for long enough without rain, you get to thinking its not really necessary.

And then on Thanksgiving, I slept waaay in, played with my cousins and watched the parade, and then ALL the family came over and we feasted.

I forgot to save room for the pie. I always do. It's not a big deal though, because we have PIE NIGHT every year anyways. what is PIE NIGHT, you ask? Welllll..... you know how every year, I forget to save room for the pie? You get so full from all the food, you can only have that one little slice of pumpkin? Well, my friends, that is a waste of perfectly good pie. So in my family, we eat the night the night before, on Wednesday and have the leftovers on Thursday.

This year we couldn't have it on Wednesday, unfortunately, but its ok because we had it on Friday night instead. YAY FOR PIE NIGHT!!!!

Oh, and by the way, Elf is one of the bestest movies ever. Just so you know.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I carved a Mockingjay Pumpkin for Halloween

It was epic.

Then we had my aunt's (you remember- the one who throws amazing parties?) annual Halloween party on the 1st- I went as a Jedi again. Yeah, it turns out I've gotten a lot wider since last year... I barely fit into the costume. I'm gonna need a new belt soon... I HATE getting bigger! I know I have an excuse because I'm still getting taller but it makes me feel so gross when I weigh more than all my friends.

sigh. It felt good to get that out. Thanks.

So all my cousins wrapped me up in toilet paper like a mummy at the Halloween party, it was SOO much fun! I should try to find the picture... Here it is! Cute, huh?

So what else do I have to say....?

Only in America I guess... but MAN, that sounds good!

Ok, so who want to hear about my Geometry 'adventure'?
So on Monday we took this big start of quarter test- the first grade that goes in for this quarter. So its kind of a big deal. And when I went into class the next time the grades were posted on the door: I got a 62%

Now let me just say for the record that I am a straight- A student and I've never failed a test in my life. So after class I went to talk to the teacher to see how I could've gotten such a bad grade. So we went over the test- and yeah, I missed some questions, but not SIXTY-TWO percent of them! So we went over it in more detail and found a couple questions that got marked of that shouldn't have been. So my teacher recalculated my original score to she could add the points that shouldn't have been marked off- and guess what my original score was! 82%!!!! and when she added the other points it was 83%! I don't know how she confused 82 with 62, but I'm SOOOOOO glad I talked to my teacher instead of letting such a bad- and inaccurate- score stand in for such an important test.

And that's all.