Monday, March 29, 2010

An Actual Conversation and A True Testamet to My Nerdiness

So, I told you guys about the Easter brunch my parents wee in charge of. It was a success!! It was a beautiful day, I got to hide the eggs, the food was good, and I had fun! And so, I think, did everybody else.


We had too much food.

(dunh dunh DUNH!!!!)

It actually wasn't that bad. All we had left over was:

1 1/2 gallons of maple syrup
1 1/2 gallons of pancake batter
50-ish sausages
5-ish platters of fruit
1 gallon of milk

So basically, I get to eat breakfast food for the rest of the week!!!!

Some of the sausages hadn't even been opened, so Mom decided to take them back. Monkey heard Mom looking for the receipt, and he knows you use a receipt to take things back, so he says:
Monkey: Mom, did you get those sausages from the library?
Mom: What the wha...? Ummm... no, I didn't get them from the library. Why would you think that?
Monkey: Because you're gonna return them, and you return thing to the library!!! (duh!)

There was another one, but I CAN'T REMEMBER IT!!! I hate it when that happens!!!

So me an Nichole and another friend (whom within this past second I decided to call Rachel) went running this morning.

Well, walking, really.
But hey, we did run a little bit, and we ended up walking somewhere around 4 miles, and we had fun, so I call that a win.

And then we ruined it by going back to my house, making pancakes, and dumping about (collectively) 1/2 a pound of syrup and whipped cream on them.

They were GOOD!!!!!

And now for the Nerdiness of Me part:

Star Wars In Concert is coming to Las Vegas and I REEEEEEEEEELY want to go!!! And it's totally affordable, like, the cheapest seats are 25 bucks!!!! And my dad is not completely opposed to the possibility!!!!!! So I'm looking for tickets to see STAR WARS IN CONCERT!!!!!!

STAR WARS, IN CONCERT!!!!! And the screen is, like, as big as this room!!! And probably as big as whatever room you're sitting in!!! Put simply:


And there's a costume gallery, with real, actual costumes used in the movies!!!

And guess what??? While Dad and I were watching the ad for it on PBS, at the end there was this guy advertising for it, and he said, instead of Jedi:


I swear, a 60-year old guy said that!!!!

I bet he lives under a rock.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quite probably the first post on this blog that does not directly relate to what is going on in my life right now (I totally just jinxed myself)

I am mentally fat.

I just though everybody should know that. ;)

See, I'm not really fat, at least not really- I mean, I'm a few pounds heavier that I would like to be, but so is the rest of the world, right?- but I eat like I am (fat, that is).

I blame it on the fact that I am homeschooled. Cuz when you go to a regular school, you can't just get up in the middle of class and go eat whatever you want out of the frigde. But I can do that: and I just don't have the mental discipline to make myself do otherwise.

What do you do about that?

Whatever; I have something else I wanna get to....

And now, the earth-shaking, ground-breaking, monumental VERY GOOD news I received while writing this:




Congratulate me! ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I really need to post... about what?


Mom and Dad were recently made Chair-people of the activities committee in our ward. This is kinda strange, because neither of them are really activity kinda people. And this Saturday is the Ward Easter Brunch, so Mom and Dad are in charge of that.

But Scaffy's Baptism is the same day, at the same time!!! Or at least it was.... they changed the time of the Easter Brunch so they could be at both. ::phew!::

And guess what is the day after that?


Harry Reid is giving a "Why I Believe" fireside in our stake!!!!

I'm gonna wait until I get a few comments before I tell you the rest of the story...

BWAhahaha, I'm SOOOO evil... Heeheehee...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Parties and Actual Conversations. And Random Crap.

This is the actual conversation part:
Ok, so we are driving home from Super-Awesome Choir, and Thelly and Monkey are fighting in the back seat.
Monkey: Mom, Thelly flicked me!!!
Thelly: Yeahbut, he flicked me first!!! We flicked each other!!
Mom: Stop it!! Thelly turn around, and don't bug him anymore!
Thelly (whispering): C'mon, Monkey, let's both flick each other again.... ::snicker::

And this one is years old... but whatever.
Mom: Scaffy, go upstairs and take a bath, please.
Scaffy: Ok.
** 15 minutes later**
Mom goes upstairs to check on Scaffy. He didn't lock the door, so she walks in, and sees Scaffy, stark naked, just... wandering around the tub. No water in it or nuthin'.
Mom: What are you doing?
Scaffy, very clearly exasperated: Mom, you told me to take a bath; you never told me to turn the water on, DUH!!

This is the Random Crap part:
Lately Monkey has gotten into taking pictures on our family's camera. I don't really like it, cuz it's mostly a buncha blurry pictures of the carpet and his hand and stuff. But Some of them are pretty funny:

This was a pic that got left off my Arizona post. It's X, making fun of.... umm.... Bob. Yep, that's right. Bob. ;)
That black spot is where I fuzzed out his real name.

That was the Random Crap part ;) Heeheee....

This is the Birthday Party part:
So we had Scaffy's birthday party on Saturday. It was Harry Potter themed :) :) :)

So me and Jess (you guys remember Jess? Well, she's re-named herself Nichole, and she has a blog over here! :) were in charge of making the cake. Welllll.... actually I was in charge of making the cake, but I made Je... Nichole, that is, help me, because she got a fancy-shmancy cake decorating kit for Christmas. It's really cool. She came over to make the cake while the boys and their friends swam in the pool (Oh yeah, baby, it's March and we're already swimming down here in Vegas!!! Your jealous. Admit it. ;) SO we pretty mush couldn't figure out what we wanted to put on this stupid cake. Soooo... it kinda ended up like this:I fuzzed out his real name and put Scaffy, but that's pretty much how it looked like in the first place. Just, you know, not so fake looking ;)

(this is the space where you laugh at me)

But hey!!! Mom was in charge of the pinata, and it looked like this:
It's two pieces of cardboard taped together with painter's tape and a Harry Potter Balloon stuck on it. It makes me feel better about our lackluster cake.

(this is the space where you laugh at Mom (and I laugh with you))

But it's not like the 7 year old kids care, right?? As long as it's got sugar, they'll eat it. (not that the pinata was made of sugar, but the candy inside it was...) And it doesn't even have to taste good! :)
We let Nichole hit the pinata, cuz she doesn't like Harry Potter (actually, she sorta likes it, but she says it's too scary for her)

So then we went inside and ate the ugly cake and some ice cream. And then we opened presents. Scaffy got lots of Legos and pool toys and crap, but this one was definitely his favorite:Told you he's like a mini replica of me :) :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Songs

I might've done this one before....

So here's another one:

This song makes me cry... I hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scaffy's Birthday! :)

So it's the day before St. Patrick's day.... I mean.. umm...what?... oh, yeah... My brother's birthday!

This one:

He's 8 today! So here's his 8 things I love about you list:

1: He's almost as big a Star Wars nerd (and Harry Potter nerd, for that matter) as me. I'm not kidding, we're choreographing a lightsaber duel. He won the rock-paper-scissors match, so he gets to be the Jedi :(

2: He's reads like crazy, so I get to tell him which good books to read. :)

3: He's probably gonna grow up to me a stand-up comedian, and come on, the world totally needs more Mormon comedians ;)

4: He's that master of stupid voices (which are very frequently pretty funny).

5: He eats the seafood that I hate for me.

6: He plays chess almost every day. I ALLWAYS win ;)

7: He's not even super obsessed with video games anymore!

8: I love him a WHOLE LOT! Like, a LOT!!! Cuz he's basically a little Mini-Me....

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


I haven't been blogging AT ALL!!! I'm really sorry... I got back from my trip on Sunday, and I've been working on the post since then, but it has, like, a million pictures so it's taking a while. And then our internet crashed yesterday from all the wind...

So I missed the Super-Awesome Choir rehearsal last week cuz I was in tuscon, and then this week I had a school choir performance at the same time as it. I was disapointed about that, but I had to come to the school one, cuz I got a grade on it. BUT the S-A Choir had an extra rehearsal (for our trip to Chicago late this spring) at 7:30. This one was clear on the other side of town.

Now, the school choir director swore to me that the performance would ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, DEFINITELY NOT go longer than 7:00 AT THE VERY VEEERY MAXIMUM.

Ya, right.

At 6:30 only 2 out of the 8 or 9 choirs had performed. My choir was second to last.

So after we performed, I went back-stage to get my stuff so I could leave. But every single door I tried was locked, INCLUDING THE ONE I CAME THROUGH!!! I seriously thought I was trapped in there! By the time I managed to get out, I way WAAAY too late to make it to the other side of town.... I was mad. >:( Cuz, like, I really like the Super-Awesome choir, and I don't like missing 3 rehearsal in a row. >:(

And the we went to Radio Shack and it got broken into.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Awesome week (well, half a week, really) in Arizona!

(After, like, two weeks of uploading pictures, this post is FINALLY DONE!!!! Enjoy!)

THE Arizona trip was AWESOME!!! Except the schedule looked like this:

8:00- 9:00 Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Rehearsal
12:00- 2:00 Lunch
2:00- 5:00 Rehearsal
5:00- 7:00 Dinner
7:00- 9:00 Another Rehearsal

It was crazy!!! But I'm gonna start form the beginning:
Whoops, that's not it.... that's just the super-awesome DINOSAUR that somebody had on their front porch...

Ok, here we go:

The car we drove: It's a bog ol' minivan with failing brakes....

The inside of the Big Ol' Minivan with Failing Brakes... and this was before it was all packed, and it doesn't show the full trunk... girls need a lot of stuff!

My face, five minutes into the drive.

But once we finally (it was, like, a 7 hour drive) got there....Oooh, fancy! We're in the lap of luxury now :)

The choir director, Cheryl Dupont, director of the New Orleans Children's chorus. She's really good!

My AWESOME new friends, Nike and X. I'm not kidding, we really call her 'X'! Cuz her real name starts with an X, so it's really hard to pronounce, but besides, she said she thinks X is cooler :)

Lookit how many kids were in that choir! An this doesn't even show the sides... there was close to 150 kids, total.X in the computer room. Everybody came in here after lunch or dinner, and almost every person was on Facebook! :)

Nike in the computer room. She wore that coat All. Week. Long. And it was, like, 80-something degrees outside!

Me in the computer room.

I was bored, ok?


Me and Mom didn't give a crap about the 'bedtime' part of the schedule. We stayed up talking, reading, and watching TV. One night Mom got this MAJOR sweet craving, it was really funny to watch. :) She was, like, pacing, all around the room, moaning about sweets. So she found the phone number of this Italian pizza place and tried to order something, but it was, like, 11:05 at night, and they had closed at eleven. ;p So she ordered it the next night. It was this AWESOME apple pie thing, but in a pizza crust, and there was tons of cream cheese and Cinnamon mixed in with the apple pie filling, it was SOO good! We made it for FHE treat last night....
And as we were eating this stuff, I was flipping through channels,
and landed on this PBS program about a guy who was dying of ALS and chose to commit suicide rather than go through months of pain and expenses for him and his family, and inevitably, die anyways. :( His reasoning was really quite hard to argue with.
The weird thing was, Mom was reading a book about a guy dying from that same disease! And it was a true story! And she said that the guy in the story took a completely different approach, and accepted that he was going to die, but he tried to help people and teach them about living and dying and stuff in the meantime, and it really blessed their lives, and his life. And it made him a happier person, even though he was dying. I thought that was a really cool learning experience for both of us, and a testimony that God cares about us, cuz really, are you gonna try to tell me it was a coincidence that I landed on that channel while that program was on, and while Mom was reading a book about that same thing? I thought not. :)
A cool picture of X.

What I thought after about 10 hours of practicing the same 6 songs OVER and OVER and OVER...

One of the paper cranes I made during rehearsal. I made several, but I doodled a lot more.

Somebodies Rosemary Chicken that she shredded up to look like a camel :)
It was some good rosemary chicken, but Mom's is WAAAAY better.

The whole Choir lined up for pictures :)

My favorite picture of the whole trip (even compared to that dinosaur :0 )

I'll probably keep adding more pictures, but I just wanted this stupid post up all ready.... so now its up... HA!