Monday, March 29, 2010

An Actual Conversation and A True Testamet to My Nerdiness

So, I told you guys about the Easter brunch my parents wee in charge of. It was a success!! It was a beautiful day, I got to hide the eggs, the food was good, and I had fun! And so, I think, did everybody else.


We had too much food.

(dunh dunh DUNH!!!!)

It actually wasn't that bad. All we had left over was:

1 1/2 gallons of maple syrup
1 1/2 gallons of pancake batter
50-ish sausages
5-ish platters of fruit
1 gallon of milk

So basically, I get to eat breakfast food for the rest of the week!!!!

Some of the sausages hadn't even been opened, so Mom decided to take them back. Monkey heard Mom looking for the receipt, and he knows you use a receipt to take things back, so he says:
Monkey: Mom, did you get those sausages from the library?
Mom: What the wha...? Ummm... no, I didn't get them from the library. Why would you think that?
Monkey: Because you're gonna return them, and you return thing to the library!!! (duh!)

There was another one, but I CAN'T REMEMBER IT!!! I hate it when that happens!!!

So me an Nichole and another friend (whom within this past second I decided to call Rachel) went running this morning.

Well, walking, really.
But hey, we did run a little bit, and we ended up walking somewhere around 4 miles, and we had fun, so I call that a win.

And then we ruined it by going back to my house, making pancakes, and dumping about (collectively) 1/2 a pound of syrup and whipped cream on them.

They were GOOD!!!!!

And now for the Nerdiness of Me part:

Star Wars In Concert is coming to Las Vegas and I REEEEEEEEEELY want to go!!! And it's totally affordable, like, the cheapest seats are 25 bucks!!!! And my dad is not completely opposed to the possibility!!!!!! So I'm looking for tickets to see STAR WARS IN CONCERT!!!!!!

STAR WARS, IN CONCERT!!!!! And the screen is, like, as big as this room!!! And probably as big as whatever room you're sitting in!!! Put simply:


And there's a costume gallery, with real, actual costumes used in the movies!!!

And guess what??? While Dad and I were watching the ad for it on PBS, at the end there was this guy advertising for it, and he said, instead of Jedi:


I swear, a 60-year old guy said that!!!!

I bet he lives under a rock.



  1. Maybe it's plural for Jedi.

  2. ::eye-roll::
    It's not: I would know.

    PBS just found some stupid 60-year old guy under a rock and paid him to do a commercial.

  3. I've seen little evidence of your excitement about this concert. Before this blog that is. This counts.

  4. I like Catherine's idea. I'm going with it.

  5. Go with whatever you want.... but I know how to say Jedi, plural or singular.



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