Friday, February 25, 2011

I have had the most amazing week!


Last Friday was Kira's birthday!! We went to see I am Number Four on its opening night, and it was incredible. The score was good, the actor was to die for and the plot was science fiction in all its epic glory :)

Saturday, the next day, was really fun too, but I can't remember why for some reason... I'll come edit this when I remember whatever it was that I did that day.

Sunday I had Mormon Youth Chorus. We are Singing an Easter cantata called The Lamb of God, it's so beautiful, but energetic at the same time. My favorite song is called Hosanna, it's some very happy and exciting-sounding, really challenging music! It changes Time Signatures every single measure, for crying out loud! And it has a high B at the end. Do you know how high that is? REALLY FREAKING HIGH!! Almost two octaves above middle C on a piano.

Monday I spent hanging out with Kira, Jessica and Taylor. We were going to work on the clubhouse (this old garden shed in Jessica's backyard. We're cleaning it out, painting it, fixing it up, hopefully adding some linoleum flooring and furniture and making it into the ultimate Girls-only summer hangout!) but since we've been working on it every weekend for the past month or so, everything is pretty much done! all we have to do is repair the shelving and figure out where the heck we're gonna get some linoleum from.

This week was also very awesome. I'm getting ready (well I should be getting ready, I'm not really) for my Regionals performance tomorrow. Regionals is basically the same as Solo & Ensemble, but it's the next level up. Only people who got a Superior at S&E go onto Regionals. And if You get a superior there, then you can go on to State, which is really really cool.

And today, the BYU Young Ambassadors came to LVA!! The YA's are basically a college show choir, singing and dancing stuff, but they're so good! The preformed for us and then I stayed after school and they taught us some of their dances and preformed some more for them. It was really impressive, how confidently they danced, how huge their smiles were. They seemed really, honestly excited to be here, every minute! The acting they in their oeices was especially impressive. And their director arranged all of their music! It was really cool. When I go to BYU I'm definitely trying out.

Want to know another this great about this week? I have discovered the greatest Facebook status in the history of the universe. It's one of those 'Comment Saying How you Met Me' posts, but instead of saying how you really met me, you lie. You make up the funniest, most ridiculous thing you can think of! Here's what Jessica wrote:
"So I was walking through a valley, a very long, and tiresome valley of Death. Seeing how dreary and sad this seemed to be, I had decided to smile and skip while singing my favorite song. All of a sudden, the valley's guardian swooped down and picked me up. I was still smiling, singing, and skipping in the air, and it asked me what the freaking crap I was doing. Well, I didn't get to answer that, because a flaming arrow hit the guardian, blowing it up. Falling, but still skipping, I glanced down, and saw a fair maiden with a bow for the arrow smile and wave at me. We talked ever since, and that's how I met you ;D"

So I'm giving you, my faithful readers, the same challenge. Be creative! If you could meet me in person, how would we meet?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You hear that? I'm cool!

Melanie J gave me a shout out on her blog yesterday!!!! How cool is that?! :D I'm so proud of myself.

And I never finished my blabbering on and on yesterday, so....

*I don't think I ever mentioned it, but Kira and I got over our fight. I'm soooo glad. Actually it turns out we weren't really fighting when I thought we were, we didn't actually start fighting until I called her, and then we had this big, screaming fight! But at the end of it we did come to an agreement, and now we are better friends than ever. So all's well that ends well right?

*Last Sunday was Loren's birthday. I love that girl, she's so funny. But for some reason she totally refused to throw a birthday party. She wanted to pretend like it was just a normal day, for some crazy reason.

Psssssh. No!

So Jessica and Kira and I showed up at her house at 8:30 on Saturday morning and 'kidnapped' her. It' was lots of fun! We took her shopping and all put in 5 bucks to get her something. I love doing gifts that way! Way cheaper, and you can get something nicer. She really didn't want anything, but we told her we were getting her something whether she liked it or not. Loren picked out this really cute black purse. Not huge, but big enough to hold all her school stuff. AND it was on sale! So everybody wins :)

*The night before that we went out to U-swirl. Let me just say that I LOOOOOVE being old enough to go out for ice cream with my friends! And if you've never heard of U-swirl, Google it. Seriously, it's so yummy.

*Mom got fed up with my lack of piano practicing a few weeks ago. Now I have to practice every weekday for a month or pay her double my cell phone bill. Grrrrrr.

*School is great, as always. I can't believe Freshman year is already halfway over! I got all A's on my report card (barely). Now we are starting this ginormous research paper in English. I normally love doing research papers, but you have to have SO many correctly formatted citations for this puppy, it's leeching some of the fun out. Oh well, it's still really interesting. Our library lady is CRAZY! She used to be an interrogator in the military, so.... yeah. She's crazy.

*Seminary is the best thing ever. People are always talking about all the sacrifices you have to make to go to seminary and I get kind of confused. What are they talking about? I LOVE going to seminary. I consider it a sacrifice to NOT go to seminary. In fact, last quarter I took a bad grade on a math test just so that I could go to seminary. The only sacrificial thing is not being in Harry Potter Club.... But honestly, I prefer missing out on that club to missing out on Seminary.

*The only thing is, the seminary building is across the street from LVA. Off-campus. So you have to have a pass to go to seminary. And there's this evil administrator who sits out there every day to make sure you have your pass. We call her The Cart Lady, because she rides around every day on this little motor cart the color of vomit. She always wears this huge, puffy purple coat, even when its 70 degrees outside, and a scarf that she glares over the top of, scrutinizing every person brave enough to walk by her. If you didn't know better, you would think she had no legs or something. All year I've only seen her standing three times. Lots of kids go out of their way to avoid her, but sometimes she takes an unexpected route and nabs everyone who doesn't carry their pass with them. And at even the people who go to seminary every day, she yells "Hey! Get back here, young lady! Where's your pass?!" And if you don't have it, she sits you down on the back of her puke-mobile and carts you off to the Dean's office. I've seen her take those poor kids away. You know way back when the Protestant movement started, and they got out their Inquisition and broke into people's homes and carted away the 'witches' to be burned at the stake? That's what it looks like when The Cart Lady takes somebody to the Dean's office.

*I make sure I never, EVER forget my seminary pass.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Single Awareness day!

Umm I think I posted a rant on the holiday last year. You can go read that one if you want.

You guys know I never give my updates in chronological order so here it goes:

*I attended my first Solo And Ensemble Festival on Saturday! In Nevada they have this big 'competition' every year for soloists, duets, trios, etc. It's really cool and kinda a big deal if you are into music. Everybody who's serious about preforming (which is everyone at LVA) competes. Except its not really a competition. In the Vocal division, the scores rank from IV to I. IV stands for 'Needs Improvement' and it means 'you didn't even show up'. III is called 'Good'. It really means 'you were not good but you did at least make an effort to be here.' II is 'excellent'. Translation: 'you weren't bad at all', and I is 'Superior', meaning: 'You did really really well.'

I got a I!!!!! :) :) :) That's the only actual competition part, because it means you can take it to the next level and go to the Regional division. I'm soooo excited!

*Scaffy lost ANOTHER tooth! his teeth are falling out like popcorn. anyways when his last one fell out he left a note for the tooth fairy, asking questions like 'Are you a boy or a girl?' 'What do you do with the teeth?' stuff like that.

And the amazing Tooth Fairy (coughMoicough) answered him thusly:

"Dear Scaffy,
Thank you so much for your letter! I love hearing from children. I hope you understand that since the work of a fairy must remain a mystery, so I cannot answer all your questions. But some of them I would be delighted to answer! I am not from your planet Earth. I live in the realm of the teeth, that no human could ever hope to see. In my realm, I plant your teeth like seeds in my garden, and from the seeds grow trees with money on them! Also, I have never lost a tooth myself. That is one of the reasons why I find teeth so interesting. How big am I? I've never actually measured myself, so I don't know for sure. Lets just say that I am big enough to lift your head from your pillow, but small enough to fly out your bedroom, window (and yes of course I can fly!) Thank You again for your letter, Scaffy. Enjoy spending your money!
The Tooth Fairy

How's that for epic? :D