Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is not a real post.

I am 100 pages into Twilight and it is still stupid. Maybe I'm just prejudiced.

My aunt Diana Bananna MUST comment on this blog or I will...........umm.........think of something.

The End

And no, this was not supposed to be a good post, would you prefer I didn't post at all?

Oh....wait, don't answer that.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I have no title for this random collection of random-ness

You know how at the bottom of this post it says 'posted by MIGILLICUTTY at whatever time'?
Why does it do that? I am the one writing this blog, so OBVIOUSLY I posted it. Duh.

Iam currently grabbing scsaffy and toturung himand thelly is hitting with areally hard pillow so [please excuse any typos.

OK, I let him go.

What to talk about.......

My cousin came over to visit on Tuesday. He left on Saturday. I not overly sad about that. Wanna know why?


I thought I was gonna go mad.

He got my brothers to sing. too. My singing cousin would sing : "Let's sing about CAKE!" And they'd all be off:
"CAKE is yummy!"
"i like CAKE!"
"CAKE has frosting!"
"I'm singing about CAKE!"

They sang that for, like, 30 minuets. Then they sang about "I see Icy Ice cream" for 45 min.

Like I said, I wasn't overly sad when he left. OK, he was kinda fun some of the time, and he kept my brothers outta my hair, and he helped them pass their favorite video game, but- seriously?
A FREAKIN TEN-YEAR-OLD WHO SINGS ABOUT CAKE!??!?!?!!!!????!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna pick a new topic. The stake Pioneer Days Celebration
(RANDOM: Why do they call it Pioneer DAYS? It's only 1 afternoon.)

A girl in my class that I know kinda well and I am kinda friends with spent the whole afternoon trying to flirt with the guy I like.

I hate her.

I had to sing in the stake youth choir (my aunt is the director).
You know how they have that little box full of singing and dancing and bobbing-up-and-down puppets in SHREK? We had to do that bobbing-up-and-down thing in one of the songs we sang. It was just a little bit humiliating. Like, a LOT.

My mom won the 5 k pioneer race in Saturday morning (the lady who usually wins was injured).

I started to read Twilight. So far I hate it. (For those who don't know (like everybody) I have been refusing to read Twilight for a very long time, but since the movie came out I just wanna figure out what all the fuss is about.)

I went back-to school shopping (for clothes of course) on Saturday.
I'm homeschooling next year.

That's about all I can think of right now.

The End

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's a miracle!

I'm actually looking forward to doing a book review.

(sounds of several people in the background falling over in a dead faint)

That's because I have a totally awesome book to review on (drum roll, please).

This is the greatest practical how-to book EVER!
It has all kinds of cool stuff, from Jump Rope Rhymes to Cool Science Experiments to Gin Rummy to A List of Books That Will Change Your Life to Putting Your Hair Up With A Pencil to Back Walkovers to Joan of Arc to Build Your Own Scooter- out of wood boards!

Every girl needs a copy of this book (there is a boy's addition, too, BTW). There is also a Double-Daring Book for Girls, but I don't have that one. I would recommend checking it out, though.

My aunt Alison Wonderland is one of the greatest people EVER (right up there with the guy who invented the printing press and Master Yoda {told you I'm a nerd}) for getting me The Daring Book For Girls (plus I know she's gonna read this and a flattered aunt is the best kind to have when you're going to visit a few weeks from now) .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is starting to get really, really old...

..'cuz I have to do a book rveiew. You know the drill.


Book 1: The Invasion

Wow, this is a pretty big picture.

It's about these 5 kids; Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, and Tobias. They're heading home from the mall one night and they decide to take a shortcut through and abandoned construction site. while they're in there, an alien spaceship fall from that sky. Inside is a fatally wounded alien called an Andalite. He warns the kids that there is another species of alien called the Yeerks. The
Yeerks are parasites. They can enter the brains of other species like Andalites and humans and take over their brains. The Andalite gives the 5 kids the power to morph-to collect a sample of animal DNA and use it to change themselves into a replica of that animal. The kids run away, and the Andalite is killed by the leader of the Yeerks- Visser Three.
Now Tobias, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, and Jake are mankind's only hope of stopping an alien invasion.

It sounds really bogus, but I like it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I really REALLY just do not want to blog today.

But I have to. I would be OK with blogging today if I didn't have to do a book review (just in case you haven't noticed, I REALLY HATE (excuse my french) doing book reviews!!!!). And I have nothing else to do a book review on. The only thing I could even do a book review on is 'Scary Stories for Campfires' that was so lame I didn't even finish it. All the stories are like, "Once Upon A Time, there was a ghost in a house. The ghost never hurt any body or anything, or did anything spooky. It was just there. The end." Exciting. It's doing the stupid word underlined thing again and I am NOT happy about that!

Moving on.

Ummmmmm..........I have nothing to move on to. Wait.......oh yeah!
Dad is taking me to see Harry Potter tomorrow. I am expecting it to be VERY VERY bad, but I'm gonna go see it anyways, because you have to see the Harry Potter movies, DUH!

I have a swim meet on Saturday. I'm gonna suck, because I missed a lot of practices when I was at Girls Camp, so everyone is faster than me now.
I don't really like swim team.
I bet I would like it a lot more if it helped me get more tan. I can't tan to save my life. I am all ways the whitest person (by a LOT) at young women's swim parties. :(
(now you're creeped out, 'cuz you think I can hear you)

The End.

P.S. I love my grandma for her orange drop cookie recipe. The End.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dang it.....

....I have to do another book review.(Turns out Blogger can upload an image faster than I can unwrap a Starburst)

Harry Potter is a wizard growing up with his non-magical (muggle) relatives. They are really mean! He doesn't want to live with them, but his parents were killed by an evil wizard called Lord Voldemort. Voldemort tried to kill Harry, too, but he couldn't. Voldemort was defeated, his powers were gone, and he was allmost killed, but (unfortunately) not quite.
So Harry had to go live with his Muggle Aunt and Uncle and cousin, who never told him that he was a wizard. But on his 11th birthday Harry receives a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Hagrid (keeper of the grounds at Hogwarts, and the deliverer of Harry's letter) tells him that he was a wizard.
So Harry sets of for Hogwarts, meeting Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger on the way. Harry finds himself very unexpectedly famous for making Voldemort disappear, and so he attracts a lot of unwanted attention. Voldemort, however, is not a far gone as Harry thinks. He is back, and he is trying to steal the Sorcerer's Stone from Dumbledore. (the headmaster at Hogwarts)
But when Dumbledore is called away from the school, Voldemort is free to move in and try to capture the Stone, and only Harry Potter stands in his way.

I've this book 10 times now, so obviously I really like it. When I first started this series, I never expected to really like it, I just wanted to know what everyone was talking about. But I really, really did like it, and I still do. I like the mystery and suspense, and the humor, and the effect it has on my imagination, and all the detail, and everything. I persuaded Mom to read the series once, but she didn't like them all that much (she never likes good fantasy book though). I think I might have liked them better when I was 10, but they're still pretty darn good.
Ummm....... The End

Friday, July 10, 2009

The post about about what I did at camp

I'm writing this post with lotsa pictures!

Welcome to Camp Stimpson!
(I tried to get some of the prettiness of the mountains in the background,
but I don't think it worked)
A couple of my friends posing with the port-a potty
(I dunno why those words are underlined, sorry)The infamous rope bridge (dunh dunh DUNH!)
Someone on the infamous rope bridge.My feet (foot actually) on the infamous rope bridge.

We had flag ceremony every morning and every night.
(and it was REALLY boring, standing there for 5 minuets
watching them trying to get the flag on the pole right-side up)We played stick-pull with the girls from another ward.
(I was not very good)They had a really fun rock wall, too.
(I went on twice, and it was hard!)One of my leaders had a lot of fun on rock star day!
(she put colored get in her hair an pulled it up into a
Mohawk and everything, it was SO funny!
Some of my friends dressed up in silly costumes.
The left is a Disney princess, the middle is a Vampire, and the right is an
Olympic athlete [her face is on the box of Wheaties in her hand] )This is supposed to be the inside of my friends tent
after her secret sister decorated it (there was confetti and
balloons and streamers EVERYWHERE!) but it's to blurry to really tell.

So now you know a little bit of what I did at Girls Camp. Maybe I'll write more later, maybe not, but I am SO DONE with Blogger images for right now!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I need to come back to Bloggy world...

...And that means doing another book review. :( :(:( :( :( :( :( Ummmmmm.................... I dunno what to do the review on. I'm currently re-reading the Harry Potter series (for the 10th time) in preparation for the 6th movie coming out soon, so I'm not really reading anything new that I can do a book review on. Hmmmmmmm............. I read a little bit of "Into the land of the Unicorns" 'cuz it's by Bruce Coville, but it was really stupid, so I stopped. Uuuhhhhh.... this is getting really stupid. I'm just gonna do a book I listened to a few weeks ago.


It's pretty much the exact same thing as Junie B. Jones, except that this girl (who's name is Clementine) is a little older, and she doesn't talk as bad (as in bad grammar) and she has a friend that is older than her and she is much cuter.
When the book starts she is in trouble for 'helping' her friend Margaret get glue out of her hair by cutting it all off.
Then she is in trouble for trying to dye Margaret's hair red.
And then for cutting of her own hair to 'make Margaret feel better'.
And then......... the list keeps going. Clementine is afraid of being 'the hard one' in her family, but no matter how hard she tries, she is all ways getting into trouble. She is afraid if she is 'the hard one' her parents and little brother will want to get rid of her. When she overhears her parents ordering a cake that says "Good Bye and Good Riddance" she is sure that her worst fears are being realized.......... but are they?
I liked this because it shows a lot of feeling, even though it's written for little kids. (and FYI, I listened to it on Audio Book w/ my little brothers, I DO NOT go around reading 1st grade books)
It was really cute, though, I liked it.

Oh yeah, and I promise to write what I did at Girls Camp tomorrow (or as soon as I get the pictures)

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Back!

And it was GREAT!!!!!! I LOVE GIRLS CAMP!!!!!!
I just got home and HOME IS SO GREAT!!! I finally have clean nails and I have used a flush-able toilet (I LOVE FLUSH-ABLE TOILETS!!!!!) and my legs are smooth and I LOVE BEING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll do a real post of all the things I did (complete with pictures) later, my cousins are coming over right now and I wanna go hug my family again.

Oh yeah, and happy 4th of July (sorry, I'm not very patriotic)