Monday, July 27, 2009

I have no title for this random collection of random-ness

You know how at the bottom of this post it says 'posted by MIGILLICUTTY at whatever time'?
Why does it do that? I am the one writing this blog, so OBVIOUSLY I posted it. Duh.

Iam currently grabbing scsaffy and toturung himand thelly is hitting with areally hard pillow so [please excuse any typos.

OK, I let him go.

What to talk about.......

My cousin came over to visit on Tuesday. He left on Saturday. I not overly sad about that. Wanna know why?


I thought I was gonna go mad.

He got my brothers to sing. too. My singing cousin would sing : "Let's sing about CAKE!" And they'd all be off:
"CAKE is yummy!"
"i like CAKE!"
"CAKE has frosting!"
"I'm singing about CAKE!"

They sang that for, like, 30 minuets. Then they sang about "I see Icy Ice cream" for 45 min.

Like I said, I wasn't overly sad when he left. OK, he was kinda fun some of the time, and he kept my brothers outta my hair, and he helped them pass their favorite video game, but- seriously?
A FREAKIN TEN-YEAR-OLD WHO SINGS ABOUT CAKE!??!?!?!!!!????!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna pick a new topic. The stake Pioneer Days Celebration
(RANDOM: Why do they call it Pioneer DAYS? It's only 1 afternoon.)

A girl in my class that I know kinda well and I am kinda friends with spent the whole afternoon trying to flirt with the guy I like.

I hate her.

I had to sing in the stake youth choir (my aunt is the director).
You know how they have that little box full of singing and dancing and bobbing-up-and-down puppets in SHREK? We had to do that bobbing-up-and-down thing in one of the songs we sang. It was just a little bit humiliating. Like, a LOT.

My mom won the 5 k pioneer race in Saturday morning (the lady who usually wins was injured).

I started to read Twilight. So far I hate it. (For those who don't know (like everybody) I have been refusing to read Twilight for a very long time, but since the movie came out I just wanna figure out what all the fuss is about.)

I went back-to school shopping (for clothes of course) on Saturday.
I'm homeschooling next year.

That's about all I can think of right now.

The End


  1. So how far into Twilight are you? I'm glad you hate it, I think that's a sign of a balanced person. (I didn't hate it.)

    It's a good thing you got some new clothes for school, you wouldn't want all the other kids at your school to make fun of you for having uncool clothes... oh wait... (yes, I know you're probably going to be going part time, yadda, yadda, yadda.)

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I like cake a lot, but I don't believe it has ever inspired me unto song.


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