Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Sibling Day

I have three siblings, Thelly (11) Scaffy (9) and Monkey (6). They are amazing and I love them. My favorite thing to do with them is play the Capture Game. Dad used to play it with me when I was little, but he's too old and boring now :) I grab one of my brothers (it doesn't matter which one) and wrap him up in a huge bear hug so he can't escape at all (and it's not for lack of trying, let me tell you) and then the other two come and try to rescue him. And as soon as they get close to succeeding I cut my losses and grab another one. The game ends when somebody gets hurt enough that they don't want to play any more, or Mom makes us stop. It's the ultimate roughhousing game and its SO much fun, as long as you wear a heavily padded bra that is. So that's my siblings celebration. :)

It's also Encourage a Young Writer Day. So encourage me!