Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's the last day of the month

And I like to post on the last day, to bring my count for that month up. So here we go:

*My ward Young men/Young Women went on our Annual Lake Mead Trip last Saturday. It was SO. MUCH. FUN!!! We spent the whole day out on the lake, and went wake boarding and water-skiing and tubing (I only went tubing but it was still fun!) and stuff like that. And when we finished doing all that, we sat around and made mud pies for hours. I think its funny that a whole bunch of teenagers spent more time playing with mud then wake boarding.

*We buried one of the boys in mud. Oh my gosh, SO FUNNY!! We gave him a pillow made out of mud and then picked up a million handfuls of the stuff and covered him in mud. We made him a mermaid, complete with a seashell bra.

He was really good about it :)

*We also, on this fabulous Lake Trip, got reeeeeeeeeely sunburned. The next day at church you could immediately tell who had been on the trip and who hadn't by the redness (or lack of redness) on their skin.
Now, I have a... bad habit, if you will, of forgetting to put sunblock on and getting reeeeeely sunburned. So my parents kinda get mad at me when I come home all burned. this time, however, I DID, in fact, remember to put sunblock on, not just once but TWICE!! And then one OTHER time, when I put it on in the car because my face hurt so bad from my sunburn and I thought it would help. So CLEARLY, it's not my fault that I came home the color of a bright red bouncy ball. WHY, THEN, did I get so sunburned??!!? I'll tell you why...

*The boat ran out of gas. So we sat out on the lake for a loooong time. I didn't actually mid, though, because I got to spent the whole time listen to my Young Women's leader deciding who the were going to eat first. It was pretty funny.

*I've changed my mind. My Music App teacher who is now my handbell teacher) is nothing less than the greatest teacher on the face of this earth. The end.


*And now, I need to go make dinner. I've been doing this all week, and I'll do it all next week too. My mom thinks I'm an angel.

Bye, guys. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's Been Happening At School Lately I love LVA, I love my classes and the school and some of my teachers, but I HATE being gone from 6 to 5 every. single. day. It sucks.

Sooo anyways......

I got my schedule changed at school this week. I'm in completely different classes then I was in the first two weeks of school. So that kinda sucks. But it was a good change. Apparently, I didn't have to have my P.E. credits finished in order to change classes, so there was actually no point in my original schedule, but whatever. I dropped P.E. and Music Appreciation- UGH! Music App!! The teacher is about 82 years old (he looks like he's about to fall over dead in the middle of class (like my Grandma almost did!) ) and he has this super-quiet old person voice. And he stands up at the front of the room and tells up that when we start this class he assumes that we know absolutely nothing about music.
Let me remind you that this school is dedicated to the MUSICAL ARTS- ok, and theater and visual arts. But WHY would you take a music appreciation class in you were a tech theater major? YOU WOULDN'T! THERE'S NO REASON WHATSOEVER!!!
So we spent the whole class bored to death while this ancient teacher stand at the front of the room and tell us the difference between a whole step and a half step. Ugh.

So I dropped that class and took handbells instead, which I love. I also took on orchestra instead of P.E. (Yay!) and I got different Biology and Geometry teachers who are waay better (or at least nicer) than my old ones.

So that's What's Been Happening At School Lately. :) :) :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wait..... A blog? I have a blog? What's that?

WOW..... real school makes me really busy. I have some very important new to share with you all:


No lie!!!!! I have one!!! I'm SOOOOOOO HAPPIE!!!!

(I do have to pay for the service, which kinda sucks but its SO worth it to me right now) :) :) :) :) :) :)


*I read and finished Mockingjay the same day it came out and it was incredible. Of course. But I'm not gonna say anything that could be a spoiler cuz Mom's still reading it (she's so slow!)

*I went to High School. Yah. It was actually not super terrifying, I only got lost a few times, and I LOVE that they let you chew gum in school!!! SRSLY!!! Its a good school.

*I missed both Thelly's and Monkeys B-day posts while I was on vacation and preparing for school to start. :( I'm gonna havta go back a put their posts up, but I still want to tell them both HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!

*They combined their parties and had a huge Birthday/End of Summer family party and our whole neighborhood came and it was lost of fun. we srsly bought this big badminton set with a net and everything and set it up (actually I set it up all by myself, and it was hard, too) and it was too windy to use that day but its been a lot of fun since then.

*I left the party early because the Super Awesome Choir had a performance for a benefit concert, but I couldn't find my shirt so I had to wear Thelly's shirt that's pretty close and so I kinda looked like a dork at that thing. it was sorta kinda fun, but most of the other groups they got to sing were awful!

*Ummm.... oh yeah! Last Wednesday for mutual we had a modesty fashion show, but it was waaaay more fun that a typical modesty fashion show because we actually went to target and picked out the cutest outfits we could find and modeled them! I need to go back and buy mine... or at least those boots.

So that's whats been going on lately. I'm a lot more busy than I've pretty much ever been in my life before, but I'll try to keep posting on weekends at least. Bye!