Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wait..... A blog? I have a blog? What's that?

WOW..... real school makes me really busy. I have some very important new to share with you all:


No lie!!!!! I have one!!! I'm SOOOOOOO HAPPIE!!!!

(I do have to pay for the service, which kinda sucks but its SO worth it to me right now) :) :) :) :) :) :)


*I read and finished Mockingjay the same day it came out and it was incredible. Of course. But I'm not gonna say anything that could be a spoiler cuz Mom's still reading it (she's so slow!)

*I went to High School. Yah. It was actually not super terrifying, I only got lost a few times, and I LOVE that they let you chew gum in school!!! SRSLY!!! Its a good school.

*I missed both Thelly's and Monkeys B-day posts while I was on vacation and preparing for school to start. :( I'm gonna havta go back a put their posts up, but I still want to tell them both HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!

*They combined their parties and had a huge Birthday/End of Summer family party and our whole neighborhood came and it was lost of fun. we srsly bought this big badminton set with a net and everything and set it up (actually I set it up all by myself, and it was hard, too) and it was too windy to use that day but its been a lot of fun since then.

*I left the party early because the Super Awesome Choir had a performance for a benefit concert, but I couldn't find my shirt so I had to wear Thelly's shirt that's pretty close and so I kinda looked like a dork at that thing. it was sorta kinda fun, but most of the other groups they got to sing were awful!

*Ummm.... oh yeah! Last Wednesday for mutual we had a modesty fashion show, but it was waaaay more fun that a typical modesty fashion show because we actually went to target and picked out the cutest outfits we could find and modeled them! I need to go back and buy mine... or at least those boots.

So that's whats been going on lately. I'm a lot more busy than I've pretty much ever been in my life before, but I'll try to keep posting on weekends at least. Bye!


  1. You're not homeschooled anymore? :( Now I'm
    Actually, I go to an online public school called California Virtual Academies. Most states have statewide online schools. What state do you live in?

  2. I'm srsly just so glad that you posted.

    No srsly, I'm glad that you're having a good time in high school (gack, I can't believe you're in high school) and that you have a cell phone and...

    You're cute.

  3. I go to this school,, but if you're interested take a look at this school for Nevadans.
    It doesn't have as much interaction as regular school but it's kindof a cross between public and regular.

  4. Hahaha, Alison. What can I say? Srsly just expresses the feeling better than seriously, because, you know... I'm not actually being serious.

    Yeah, we have a K-12 and a Virtual High School in Nevada. I never did either of them, but I did do a different program with the same half homeschool-half private school type thing. :)

  5. I'm with Alison. You're srsly cute.

    My son got a cell phone for his 14th bday. My husband told me yesterday that in this billing period, I've had 52 texts and my son has had 352 texts. He'd had his cell phone for about 4 days. What are you crazy kids texting about??

    Glad you're enjoying high school. I remember being able to finally chew gum out in the open in high school. I was the gum queen in high school. Srsly, I think I supplied like the whole school.

  6. Hahaha. I talk about friends, a trip to the mall, and boys, but I sincerely hope your son doesn't do that. ;)


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