Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's the last day of the month

And I like to post on the last day, to bring my count for that month up. So here we go:

*My ward Young men/Young Women went on our Annual Lake Mead Trip last Saturday. It was SO. MUCH. FUN!!! We spent the whole day out on the lake, and went wake boarding and water-skiing and tubing (I only went tubing but it was still fun!) and stuff like that. And when we finished doing all that, we sat around and made mud pies for hours. I think its funny that a whole bunch of teenagers spent more time playing with mud then wake boarding.

*We buried one of the boys in mud. Oh my gosh, SO FUNNY!! We gave him a pillow made out of mud and then picked up a million handfuls of the stuff and covered him in mud. We made him a mermaid, complete with a seashell bra.

He was really good about it :)

*We also, on this fabulous Lake Trip, got reeeeeeeeeely sunburned. The next day at church you could immediately tell who had been on the trip and who hadn't by the redness (or lack of redness) on their skin.
Now, I have a... bad habit, if you will, of forgetting to put sunblock on and getting reeeeeely sunburned. So my parents kinda get mad at me when I come home all burned. this time, however, I DID, in fact, remember to put sunblock on, not just once but TWICE!! And then one OTHER time, when I put it on in the car because my face hurt so bad from my sunburn and I thought it would help. So CLEARLY, it's not my fault that I came home the color of a bright red bouncy ball. WHY, THEN, did I get so sunburned??!!? I'll tell you why...

*The boat ran out of gas. So we sat out on the lake for a loooong time. I didn't actually mid, though, because I got to spent the whole time listen to my Young Women's leader deciding who the were going to eat first. It was pretty funny.

*I've changed my mind. My Music App teacher who is now my handbell teacher) is nothing less than the greatest teacher on the face of this earth. The end.


*And now, I need to go make dinner. I've been doing this all week, and I'll do it all next week too. My mom thinks I'm an angel.

Bye, guys. :)


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