Friday, February 26, 2010

The Third-to-Last day of the Olympics

I seriously don't know what I'm gonna do when these games are over, I think I like the Winter Olympics even better than the Summer ones. Shocking, I know!

There's been some truly beautiful posts about these games. Go here, and here, if you want to laugh up your spleen.

I'm watching Lindsey Vonn's last race, right now, and mourning the fact that's it's her last race. And Apollo Ohno's last two are 15 minuets from now. Maybe his last two ever. WHY??!! He's not that old, is he? Cuz he's a freaking hottie, and everybody knows there's no such thing as an old freaking hottie.
Man, what am I gonna do when I can stay up watching the Olympics? I guess I'm just gonna havta go back to Glee, the Office, Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, and all those other awesome shows. Sniff, Sniff. Poor me:_(

The medal count currently stands at: USA: 33, Germany (the next highest): 27. Only problem is, I dunno if that's the final count. I guess if it's not I'll come back and edit this.

It's strawberry season. I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! They're, like, my favorite fruit! So I made a pie out of Fresh Never Frozen strawberries, just because I could. It was SOOOO good! Dad especially thought so (but he's on a diet again, so he thinks anything with sugar in it is SOOO good!)
One of the strawberries was a super-creepy looking mutant, it looked like two, or maybe even three strawberries fused together. I'll post a pic soon.

Thelly has a new origami fixation: Ninja Stars! Apparently he bought one from a kid at school, cuz he was gonna take it apart to try to figure out how to make it, but Mom wouldn't let him. So they looked it up on the Internet and Thelly LOVES to make them!

I havta go run up a mountain with Jess (the girl who puked at the movies) tomorrow morning. She made me promise. I dont' wanna go run up a mountain at 7:00 on a Saturday morning!

What else is going on? Hmm.... Me and Scaffy are choreographing a lightsaber battle. We're fighting it over the waterfall on top of out pool, so it's gonna be really cool. Hopefully we'll be able to record and edit it, like this:

It's SOOO cool! :)

Oh, and also, I told you guys I got accepted into the 2010 ACDA Youth Treble Honor Choir, Western Division. And that is the longest (and silliest) choir name I've ever heard. So It's, like, this big, three-day trip to Arizona. It's gonna be awesome!! SO if I can, I will try to blog when I'm there, but don't expect me to blog March 3-6. Just in case you, like, miss me, or something weird like that. ;)

I'm trying to post pictures, but Blogger won't let me. Stupid Blogger. Hmph.


Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm so mad right now....


My mother got kicked off the school PTA board!!!

Ok, here is the whole story....

Mom got elected to the PTA in September... and she was the treasurer, basically the most important role, and the one hardest to fill (besides the president). So like, a month or so ago, the school was about to start this fundraiser. But Mom (who is the treasurer, and so knows what she's talking about here) said, basically,"why are we doing another fundraiser, when we already have lotsa money, and haven't spent any of it yet?" They had a lot of plans for things to buy, but had never actually bought any of them... so mom starts making motions to get these things bought. Most of them got approved, so they went to the principal and told her. Apparently she thought they were saying she needed to accept this money/spending, and she freaked. Out. Seriously stood up and shouted that she didn't want the PTA's money and didn't need the PTA's money and left out of the room. Seriously??? I mean, a girl did that in my 7th grade class last year. Are we still in 7th grade, people?
So that finally got resolved (when mom basically got down on her knees and groveled). And they went ahead and did that fundraiser. And then a few of the ladies on the board took money from the fundraiser and bought themselves lunch at Cafe Rio??!!!??!! What the heck!?!! Never mind the bylaw that says they're not allowed to do stuff like that! So mom called them out on it, and this is what happened:

Quote: "Short of being physically assaulted or arrested I don't think it could have gone worse. Apparently the purpose of the meeting was for the principal to public yell (yes, she actually did yell, in a loud voice and everything) at me me for being a pot stirrer and a subversive and then summarily remove me from the board. It was a good time I tell you. And yet, once again, I am surprisingly calm. I've gone over and over my actions over the course of the last week with respect to "lunch-date." And I can find few if any that I would retract. I have seriously considered whether my insistence that things be done according to proscribed rules is evidence of a need to be "holier than thou." It might be. But no matter how hard I try to put it aside, I still feel like, as the treasurer I needed to know that the expenditure I was entering into the books was a legitimate one. I offended people in the process of making that determination. They felt their integrity was being questioned, and it was. I would like to be able to apologize for that, but I can't because I believe there was good reason for it. So there we are. Questioners NOT WELCOME!

Oh and the principal also told me that she wanted me to take my kids and got to another school. And that I am unbalanced, and should go see a counselor. But I'm not going to do that.

She said I needed to go because I cause contention and she will not have contention in the group. That actually makes sense. But she and several of the other board members also came right out and said that they see the by-laws as a guideline and that they do not think they should have to be followed to the letter. They said that they shouldn't have to feel like someone is policing them and that they will be accused of wrong doing if they don't do everything exactly as it is supposed to be done. (Did you see that? Let me translate: they don't want to be accused of wrong-doing if they do something wrong!!! That's what "not doing everything as it's supposed to be done' means, right?!!?) One of them even suggested adding a by-law that says that the by-laws are only a guide and do not need to be taken literally.

Oh yes and it was all done in front of the entire board and half of it was done in front of Monkey because he had just gotten out of Kindergarten. He asked me "Why is the principal so mad at you?" Close quote.

I think that principal....... you know what? Never mind. I'm not gonna talk about that any more.

Olympic Medal count: USA leads, we have 24 medals total, the next highest country has 21. Yikes... they're catching up!!

And a video from yesterday... How about the Russian team's outfits, huh? Could they look any weirder? Dad kept making all these jokes, like "Wouldn't it be funny if those ropes on their costumes got knotted up?" And stuff like that... I love my Dad. And Mom :)

Please comment!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changes in the Ward

(I I have any non-LDS readers, you probably won't understand any of this. Just to give you a fair warning.)

Our bishopric got changed today. The whole stake presidency was there and the stake president got up and gave a really awesome talk (he give the best talks evah) about the organization of the church, how we don't have a paid clergy, and how everything is subdivided. The Stake president presides over the whole stake, which is divided up into wards, who have their own presidents called bishops, who presides over the whole ward. In every ward there is a fully organized and staffed Relief Society, Young Men's quorum, Young Women's organization, and a children's primary and nursery, Sunday school teachers, Activities committee, Ward Choir, and Home and Visiting teachers. And some others that i can't think of right now. And none of them get paid! But in order for these to work, the Stake president said, there have to sometimes be Changes. Today there are going to be some Changes on the Bishopric of this ward.

Now, our old bishopric had served for some 5 years or so. So you'd pretty much think they were done, right? Oh, no. No no no no. The old bishop, Bishop.... um.... Bishop Norman, has been replaced by his old first counselor, who is now Bishop Norman! They have the same last name! It was pretty funny.... :)

And a church hymn... I'm gonna try to do those more often.

And cuz I didn't really like that arrangement...

Your welcome :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

One Word: OUCH!


And the Medal count: USA has 20 medals. The next closest country, Germany, has 13. YEAH, BABY!!!

BTW, you really should poke around on that NBCOlympics site. They have some really awesome stuff on there (even though they won't lt me embed to blogger).

I spent some 3 or 4 hours yesterday on rollerblades with the neighbors kids. I didn't even know we had neighbors kids! It was a lotsa fun, and I didn't even fall over :) And I can do it again today!! I love long weekends.

What are you doing today/this weekend??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Olympics Updates

I'm gonna do this a lot.... I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!!!

Ok, let's get started:

Men's half-pipe final was on TV last night... of course, Shaun White took the gold medal, of course. DUDE, have you seen him? He's, like, twice as good as the next best guy! K, I wanted to show you the video; I couldn't figure out how to share this video, but here's the link:

And the womens downhill- Lindsey Vonn won that one, and she, like, flipped out afterwards, totally an emotional wreck.... but she did awesome, look:

They had SOO many bad wipe-outs on that slope, though, look!

Sorry, that website won't let me embed to blogger.

So that was the Olympics day 6... GO team USA!!! We did AWESOME!!! We're winning the medal count, 17 medals total... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Happy long weekend everybody!

Monday, February 15, 2010

So who's watchin the Olympics?

I have, that's who!!! And it's been great!

Well, mostly.

They totally screwed up the torch-lighting ceremony. See, they had these 4 pillar-like things that came up out of the ground/stage and wrapped up around the actual torch/cauldron. And only 3 of them came up!! But first they spent 5 minuets trying to figure out why the 4th one wasn't coming up. and to the 4 torch bearers (1 for each pillar-like thingy) just stood there (actually only 3 of them stood cuz one of them was a Parolympian in a wheelchair) with these big, worried smiles on their faces, trying to figure out why the pillar-like things weren't coming up and what they were supposed to do now. And then the technicians said "What the heck, pull the other 3 up anyways." And so the pulled the other 3 up and so it looked really lopsided. And there was a trench filled with lighter fluid in them that the torch-bearers lit, but since there was only 3 pillars, only 3 of the bearers got to light the cauldron :_(

(That's a crying face, BTW)

So it looked like this:

But with 4 people and only 3 pillars. :0

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is where the Valentines Day hating post should go

But there will be no Valentines Day hating post.

Because I actually like Valentines Day. Ok, I could just be saying that because my grandparents get me a Hershey's Valentines Bar (or something chocolate-y in a heart shape) every year. I could.
But I do kinda like that there's a whole holiday about showing your sweetheart you love them. Lots of holidays, Wal-Mart has turned them into, like, mindless gift-giving. Why do we give gifts on Christmas again? (but I'm not complaining :) But Valentine's day is specifically designed to show people you love them. (Even though it is designed. By Wal-Mart, probably. Ugh)

But that doesn't mean I love all the cheap Valentine's you give your school class. That part is dumb. And the candy. Why do we need all this candy? I mean, I like candy... but I don't really need it every time the wind blows... er, I mean, every holiday.

Ok, I don't even know why I'm writing this stuff down. What do I know, anyway? So I'm gonna shut up about that now, and talk about my own awesomeness.

I went to the Venetian yesterday. I love that place. The indoor mall that looks like it's outside, and the St. Marks Square replica. And now they have this Chinese thing, too. So, why was I at the Venetian this morning? I was singing with my super awesome choir. (Have I told you guys about that? It's AWESOME!) So anyways me and my friend (who's in the super awesome choir, too) were talking about all the shows and things we've been to (believe it or not, not every show in Vegas have naked vampires in them). SO I've actually been to a lot, mostly on behalf of the super-awesome choir. I've seen the Blue Man group at the Amway convention, been in the Adventure Dome twice, I've been to The Secret Garden at the Mirage a lot of times, and once I saw the Moving Statues, but I don't really remember anything (I was little when I saw that one), been to the top of the Stratosphere (and back down, which is even better) and performed with Cheap Trick (yes, the real Cheap Trick) at the Hilton. Not to brag or anything.... but living in Vegas does have it's perks. ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm sorry I havent been posting much lately...

... I couldn't think of much to say.

But I thought of something now.

Ok, are you ready? Are you sitting down? This is gonna be a huge shock....

My five year old brother ditched school today.

I kid you not! He really ditched school! And he's FIVE! Apparently, his friend.... umm... let's call him Joe, OK?

K, so Monkey and Joe were out at recess and when the teacher calls them all to come in, but they don't want to, cuz they know when they go in they're gonna havta take this math test. Monkey hates math almost as much as me, and apparently so does Joe, so Joe said they should run away and go to Joe's house. So they sneaked out of the school and walked to Joe's house.

So within 5 minutes or so the teacher figures out they were missing. So they searched the whole school first, and then started taking teachers aides and parent volunteers around to the neighborhoods near the school. So apparently Joe's house was unlocked, and Joe and Monkey were in there, and they must've left the door open or something, cuz when the school got there they found Joe and Monkey sitting around playing on Joe's DS!

So they got dragged back to the school and lectured by the principal (Monkey was bawling his eyes out) until I got there to pick Monkey up. It was really tense in there.

So I took him home and made him hot chocolate (cuz he was bawling his eyes out) and told him he was in BIG trouble (like he didn't know that already) and then.... we layed around and watched Star Wars.

I didn't really know what to do with him, ok? Cuz, like, he just got this BIG lecture, and had been bawling his eyes out for, like, an hour, and I'd given him a lecture, too, and he was gonna get 2 more lectures when Mom and Dad came home, and I remember when I got in big trouble last year (but I'm SOOO not telling you guys about that) and how I felt so bad and I already knew I did something bad and felt terrible about it, and, like, people didn't need to keep beating me up about it when I was already beating myself up about it.... so I figured if I felt that bad when I was 12, he's gotta feel a lot worse when he's only five... so I just sorta... dropped it.

Mostly. I actually brought it up a few more times, just to make sure he didn't get too comfortable. ;)

Oh, and I threw up AGAIN last night.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cuz I... I.. umm.... I forgot.
Sue's awesome. End of story.

Guess what? My mom is punishing my brothers by making them come to New Beginnings with me tomight.

Who do you think she's really punishing?

Monkey is taking gymnastics at Vitaly Scherbo Gymnastics school. It's EXPENSIVE, and then Mom keeps forgetting to take him :p

So the first time Mom took Monkey she took The other boys with her, too. And they both decided they wanted to take (very EXPENSIVE) gymnastics lessons there too. So mom said they had to prove that they really wanted to by practicing the first half of a back walkover. They had to be able to bend over backwards and land in a bridge, like this:

They quit after a week. ;)

I can't think of anything else to post right now.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010