Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm so mad right now....


My mother got kicked off the school PTA board!!!

Ok, here is the whole story....

Mom got elected to the PTA in September... and she was the treasurer, basically the most important role, and the one hardest to fill (besides the president). So like, a month or so ago, the school was about to start this fundraiser. But Mom (who is the treasurer, and so knows what she's talking about here) said, basically,"why are we doing another fundraiser, when we already have lotsa money, and haven't spent any of it yet?" They had a lot of plans for things to buy, but had never actually bought any of them... so mom starts making motions to get these things bought. Most of them got approved, so they went to the principal and told her. Apparently she thought they were saying she needed to accept this money/spending, and she freaked. Out. Seriously stood up and shouted that she didn't want the PTA's money and didn't need the PTA's money and left out of the room. Seriously??? I mean, a girl did that in my 7th grade class last year. Are we still in 7th grade, people?
So that finally got resolved (when mom basically got down on her knees and groveled). And they went ahead and did that fundraiser. And then a few of the ladies on the board took money from the fundraiser and bought themselves lunch at Cafe Rio??!!!??!! What the heck!?!! Never mind the bylaw that says they're not allowed to do stuff like that! So mom called them out on it, and this is what happened:

Quote: "Short of being physically assaulted or arrested I don't think it could have gone worse. Apparently the purpose of the meeting was for the principal to public yell (yes, she actually did yell, in a loud voice and everything) at me me for being a pot stirrer and a subversive and then summarily remove me from the board. It was a good time I tell you. And yet, once again, I am surprisingly calm. I've gone over and over my actions over the course of the last week with respect to "lunch-date." And I can find few if any that I would retract. I have seriously considered whether my insistence that things be done according to proscribed rules is evidence of a need to be "holier than thou." It might be. But no matter how hard I try to put it aside, I still feel like, as the treasurer I needed to know that the expenditure I was entering into the books was a legitimate one. I offended people in the process of making that determination. They felt their integrity was being questioned, and it was. I would like to be able to apologize for that, but I can't because I believe there was good reason for it. So there we are. Questioners NOT WELCOME!

Oh and the principal also told me that she wanted me to take my kids and got to another school. And that I am unbalanced, and should go see a counselor. But I'm not going to do that.

She said I needed to go because I cause contention and she will not have contention in the group. That actually makes sense. But she and several of the other board members also came right out and said that they see the by-laws as a guideline and that they do not think they should have to be followed to the letter. They said that they shouldn't have to feel like someone is policing them and that they will be accused of wrong doing if they don't do everything exactly as it is supposed to be done. (Did you see that? Let me translate: they don't want to be accused of wrong-doing if they do something wrong!!! That's what "not doing everything as it's supposed to be done' means, right?!!?) One of them even suggested adding a by-law that says that the by-laws are only a guide and do not need to be taken literally.

Oh yes and it was all done in front of the entire board and half of it was done in front of Monkey because he had just gotten out of Kindergarten. He asked me "Why is the principal so mad at you?" Close quote.

I think that principal....... you know what? Never mind. I'm not gonna talk about that any more.

Olympic Medal count: USA leads, we have 24 medals total, the next highest country has 21. Yikes... they're catching up!!

And a video from yesterday... How about the Russian team's outfits, huh? Could they look any weirder? Dad kept making all these jokes, like "Wouldn't it be funny if those ropes on their costumes got knotted up?" And stuff like that... I love my Dad. And Mom :)

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  1. That is insane. Like IN...SANE. I say your mom got out none too soon. Is there like a National PTA Board that you can go on record with these ethical issues? By-laws are guidelines. Oy.

  2. Lbs-there is and if we were an actual PTA I could probably do that. But then I wouldn't have been on the board in the first place because I have political objections to the PTA. Too bad they're not a PTA.

    Migillicutty-I should probably make you take this down, because it's likely that there are people around here that read your blog (and just don't comment). But you really did follow all the blogging rules about anonymity. And to be honest, I'm beyond trying to protect these people from their own disfunction.

    So while we're at it, you left out my favorite part where the principal told me she was my worst enemy. If I'm going down I might as well get full marks.

  3. Ummm. . . your principal sounds like the cuckoo one. And bylaws are NOT guidelines. Sheesh.

  4. That is MESSED. UP!

    I am angry on your mom's behalf. Angry emoticon: >:[

  5. wow cooko coocoo she is crazy hey antie E love ya!

  6. Wow! People keep trying to get me to run for a board postition next year but I think I will stay far far away now. I really can't believe that the principle wants you to relocate your children to a different school for just trying to do the ethical thing. People can be so crazy sometimes.


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