Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is where the Valentines Day hating post should go

But there will be no Valentines Day hating post.

Because I actually like Valentines Day. Ok, I could just be saying that because my grandparents get me a Hershey's Valentines Bar (or something chocolate-y in a heart shape) every year. I could.
But I do kinda like that there's a whole holiday about showing your sweetheart you love them. Lots of holidays, Wal-Mart has turned them into, like, mindless gift-giving. Why do we give gifts on Christmas again? (but I'm not complaining :) But Valentine's day is specifically designed to show people you love them. (Even though it is designed. By Wal-Mart, probably. Ugh)

But that doesn't mean I love all the cheap Valentine's you give your school class. That part is dumb. And the candy. Why do we need all this candy? I mean, I like candy... but I don't really need it every time the wind blows... er, I mean, every holiday.

Ok, I don't even know why I'm writing this stuff down. What do I know, anyway? So I'm gonna shut up about that now, and talk about my own awesomeness.

I went to the Venetian yesterday. I love that place. The indoor mall that looks like it's outside, and the St. Marks Square replica. And now they have this Chinese thing, too. So, why was I at the Venetian this morning? I was singing with my super awesome choir. (Have I told you guys about that? It's AWESOME!) So anyways me and my friend (who's in the super awesome choir, too) were talking about all the shows and things we've been to (believe it or not, not every show in Vegas have naked vampires in them). SO I've actually been to a lot, mostly on behalf of the super-awesome choir. I've seen the Blue Man group at the Amway convention, been in the Adventure Dome twice, I've been to The Secret Garden at the Mirage a lot of times, and once I saw the Moving Statues, but I don't really remember anything (I was little when I saw that one), been to the top of the Stratosphere (and back down, which is even better) and performed with Cheap Trick (yes, the real Cheap Trick) at the Hilton. Not to brag or anything.... but living in Vegas does have it's perks. ;)


  1. Yeah, but have you seen the naked vampire show? Or, er... I guess not.

  2. Ya, I enjoy the candy. Last Friday my class had our Valentine's Day party, and I made a special Valentine for my sweetheart, but there were people in his classroom, so I couldn't put it on his desk. Eventually I made my friend who is in his class put it on his desk secretly.

  3. Hey Cous!How are you?Well I posted!I miss you a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please come to Salt Lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE GOLDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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