Monday, June 29, 2009

It's time!

I'm leaving for girls camp IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!! Wish me luck!
I'm still very nervous (I've heard a lot of horror stories about the cougar that found it's way into camp last year, and how bad the bathrooms are, etc.) but I'm a lot more confident now that I have my supplies. Hope I don't die, but I guess if I do I won't have to do any more book reviews. ; p
See ya next week!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mom is making me do a book review :(


Sword of the Rightful King

It's a novelization about King Aurthur pulling the sword out of the stone. I didn't think it was all that great. The cool thing was a little side story about one of Merlin's apprentices who was actually Queen Guenevere in disguise. She was trying to get revenge on this guy who left her sister. She made herself look way younger and got into the castle as a teenage boy. But of course she was way older and more experienced than that so when you are reading about it you are like "How does he (cuz you don't know he's actually a girl) know that?" That was the only part of the book that was interesting. The big problem (that leads to the climax or whatever) was some evil witch who was gonna curse the sword so that she could pull it out instead of Aurthur, but nothing happened with that so it fell kinda flat.
I don't think I really like Jane Yolen that much. Too many of her stories are like: "OK, once upon a time, this happened (or that). The End"
And then you are just like:

Oh No

My brothers just found out what 'constipated' means. To them, this is the funniest thing in the ENTIRE WORLD!
They seriously run all around the house telling each other what constipated means. WHY IS THAT FUNNY?!!?!!!!!???????!!!!!!?!!!! : w (that was supposed to be an angry face, but......)

I finally went shopping for girls camp. I think I left it a little late, we have to drop the stuff off at 6:00 tonight. And I don't have all the stuff yet, just the big things.

I was trying to turn this into a big post about all the stuff going on lately, but it's just not that interesting..........

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scaffy just told me that I am (quote) "W-I-R-D".

The Devil's Arithmetic

It's really, really sad. Know that before anything else.
It's about this Jewish girl who goes back in time to the holocaust and goes to a concentration camp. Really sad. It's definitely the kinda book that makes you count your blessings.
I dunno, I didn't like reading it, but I guess it was a good thing to read. It made me think a lot. The girl in the story is 12, my age, but the book is written for adults. I think everybody should read it or a book like it, but if you do read it, you will not like it. Too sad. :(

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girls Camp anxietites

Girls Camp is almost here and I am scared to death. Seriously, it's a WHOLE WEEK in the mountains!
I need a whole buncha supplies and stuff and I need to get stuff for my Secret Sister (whom I have NOTHING in common with) and Secret Sister in my ward is like a big competition to see who can come up with the best and funniest gifts and whoever comes up with the best gifts is, like, automatically popular and I am not exactly popular as it is. And I feel like they just expect you to know everything. "OK we are having Girls Camp this year on June 23" (I think it's June 23) and that's it- you just have to know all the camp songs and where to get supplies and what supplies and the perfect Secret Sister gifts and what the heck Secret Sister even IS and "Oh yea, you have to pay to go but we are not gonna tell you who to give the money to, you just have to magically know that" and you also have to know where the stupid "CHICKEN NUGGET" thing came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am probably the only person EVER who didn't look forward to girls camp.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I don't know what to write about. Seriously, there is like nothing going on in my life right now. That is the problem with summer: at first you really enjoy having nothing to do all day, but after a while it gets boring. Lets see.......... Thelly won the Pinewood Derby on Thursday. He and my dad worked really hard this year. I think my dad went a little crazy. He went and bought $45 wheels on the internet and a kitchen scale so he could be EXACTLY precise in the weight. But they had a weigh-in for the cars on Wednesday night, and the lady in charge used a really cheap scale- like REALLY cheap. So everybody had to take a lot of weight off their cars (according to my dad it is a good thing to have a heavy car and a bad thing to have to take weight off). After the weigh-in everybody left their car at the lady-who-was-in-charge's house. Everyone else just left their car, but my dad had this great big box that was all padded inside and everything. It was kinda funny. He won 1st place though, so I guess it was worth it.
I had my book club on Saturday. It's not really a book club, but I invite all the girls from church that are my age to come over to my house and we make some kinda dessert. I usually only get 2 or 3 people, but it's still fun. This time we made chocolate pie, and it was GOOD I tell you!
Mom went to the temple on
Saturday night, so my dad and brothers and i took advantage of that by watching lotsa tv. Star Wars, specifically. Dad went a little color- blind and he thought that Darth Maul's lightsaber was green. So me and my brothers all told him he was crazy and he said we were crazy, so we had a bet. If he was right, we all had to eat double-helping of whatever vegetable he chose. If we were right, we got to stay up later on whatever night we chose. Of course, Darth Maul has a red lightsaber, so we each get to stay up late on any night we choose. I think I'm gonna finally get to see a whole episode of So You Think you Can Dance!
On Sunday I gave my first talk ever in sacrament meeting. It was about Father's Day. I didn't think I did a very good job (it was super short and everything I said was obvious) but of course no one will say that to your face so they all tell you that you did great even though I did NOT do great, I just did average for a first talk. My aunt and uncle both gave talks too, so my mom got to hold my baby cousin. I WANTED TO HOLD MY BABY COUSIN!!!!!!!!! :( :( But I got to hold her on Saturday while my aunt ran a b-day party for her son, (Star Wars themed, of course) so I guess it was OK. My aunt holds the coolest parties. She decorated the whole house and sent out really cool customized invitations and set all the food up to look fantastic and taste really good and she got her neighbor to come over and be Darth Vader an everything. It's awesome, truly.

Hey, maybe I have stuff going on in my life after all...............

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random crap and a book review

Agneta Nat Magog's F's Josh Ry Ltd TKO hotcake Y's jays jg

These are all words according to the spell check dictionary. Here's some more:
Hegel;VJ;Ty Gd Kurd kited FUD kg;FL68gov Dolf tautology duly fut luff lavage Du

(Why, yes I am stalling, how did you ever guess?)

Whatever, I'm just gonna do a book report.

Millicent Min: Girl Genius

This is a really good book, not because of the way its written, but because of the storyline.
It's about this Chinese girl who is a super-genius-11-year-old- junior-in-high-school who has no friends, because everybody is scared of her super-smartness. When summer comes around Millicent's parents sign her up for volleyball because they want her to have a more "normal childhood". That's where Millicent meets Emily Ebers. Emily doesn't know about Millicent being a genius, and Millicent wants to keep it that way. So she lies. Of course, lies have a way with catching up with you......
I really like this book because it's written from Millicent's point of view, and even though she tries to say she doesn't care, you can see that she is really lonely and looking for a friend. And then Emily shows up, and Millicent thinks it the greatest thing that ever happened. She lies about being a genius because she thinks it will help her frienship wth Emily, but deep down, she knows it won't. This story is also written from Emily's point of view, in a different book, so that's really cool too. I really like it, but I don't know if an adult would.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things on my mind right now....

I heard a story on the news yesterday about how scientists were planning to throw dust and stuff up into the stratosphere in order to shade the earth. WHAT THE HECK!??!??!!?!! There is no way they could possibly pull that off. They would mess up the ozone layer or the water cycle or 'plunge us into eternal night' (I love that phrase for some reason) or something. What's wrong with how sunny the earth is right now anyway? And how are they supposed to be allowed to do that? If anyone was able to pull something like that off, it would affect every one of the 6 billion (or whatever number it is) people are on this earth. It would affect plants and animals too. I am very upset, because that news report made it sound like something that could be achieved withing the next few years. Seriously, what's wrong with how sunny the earth is now?

(breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breathe out)

I'm sorry you all had to listen to that , but I had to write it somewhere, and this was the closest place.

Changing the subject................I started working on a swim team yesterday, so did my brothers. It was cold. My mom did that when she was a kid, and so did her siblings, so she thought it was a good thing for us to do also. The funny thing is, Monkey wouldn't get in the pool. I guess he was scared, but he is usually so eager to do all the thing the big kids are doing, so it was very strange to see him refuse to get in.

I was gonna do another book review, but I'm a really bad typist and I'm tired of deleting my mistakes and I like to procrastinate...................

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

nothing at all

Sorry, I'm too sick and tried of my brothers to write anything today.

(I can hear you all cheering in the background)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A random post to ruin your afternoon

I just asked Thelly (because he likes time questions) to figure out how much time is between 3:25 (because that's what time it was when I asked him) and 5:15 (because that's when I need to start making dinner) and he got a piece of paper and started to count out EVERY MINUTE BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing to death. I don't even know why, because that is perfectly in character for Thelly, but it is just hilarious!

(If you don't know Thelly this is not funny at all, just stupid of him, and stupid of me for writing it down)

Another book review

Now I have had a blog for a WHOLE WEEK! (hooray!) To celebrate, I'm doing.....nothing. Except another book review. (You're all jumping for joy ;p )

The Work And The Glory
Book 1: A Pillar of Light

I could have read this a long time ago, but I was afraid it was gonna be The Great Mormon Novel. It was actually really good. It's about the Steed family, who moves to Palmyra around the time when Joseph Smith receives the Book of Mormon from the Hill Cumorah. The Steeds, who don't know about Joseph vision or the rumors about him in town, hire him to help them with farm work. So of course, they get tangled up in a whole bunch of problems with Joseph and the villagers and who believes what. The Steed family is fictional, but the hardships they faced were very real for many people at this time. I can't really write anything more about it without giving something away, but I thought it was a really good book.

(crickets chirping)

Friday, June 12, 2009

More about me and my family

As you should know if you read my profile I live with my Mom, Dad, and 3 brothers. I am the oldest, and I am the only girl. I am 12, Thelly is 9, Scaffy is 7, and Monkey is 4.

A few random facts about Thelly:
1. He thinks he is my mother.
2. He is all ways trying to get on my nerves. Most of the time he succeeds.
3. He loves Star Wars, but not as much as me.
4. He also likes Legos, Transformers, and Ben 10.
5. The world revolves around Thelly.
Thelly's favorite quotes: "So, I don't care!" (he says whenever he is trying to get out of a lecture, which is often) "Puke!" "What did you say?"

A few random facts about Scaffy:
1. He thinks he is funny. He's not.
2. He has to be CONSTANTLY entertained.
3. He likes Transformers, Ben 10, and staring at a screen.
4. He also likes Star Wars, but not as much as me.
5. I think of all my brothers, he is the most like me.
Scaffy's favorite quotes: "No!" Yeah!" "Awww!" (you have to think of theses in a really weird voice)

A few random facts about Monkey:
1. He is totally adorable!
2. He can ride his bike all by himself!
3. He can count to 40, and he can tell you most of the letters in the alphabet, and he can read those short 'I'm learning to read!' books.
4. He has not gone to kindergarten yet.
5. He also likes Star Wars and Ben 10 and all those things.
Monkey's Favorite Quotes: "I love you" "Stop Thelly! Stop it!" "Where's Puppy?" (Puppy is his stuffed animal that he carries around with him EVERYWHERE!)

I love them all (some of the time.)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

what I did last night OR I can't think of a title

Yesterday I had my at least half my post planned out in my head. Today I have no idea what to blog about. I guess I could write what we did at Young Womens last night. We are getting ready for Girls Camp at the end of July. We set up tents and worked on our song-thing. You'll love our song thing. You know the cheer that goes "Brr.... it's cold in here!" And so on? (I actually don't know it, but I'm told that's how it goes) Our song-thing (I need to come up with a shorter term, that takes to long to type song-thing over and over) goes like this:
We....believe in here!
There must be some faith in the atmosphere!
Repent...and be baptized!
You, you all better recognize! I said-
(and then someone yells) Slow it down now!
(and then someone yells) Break it down now!
And then we all start dancing.
It's great, we have a whole stomp-clap rhythm and hand motions and everything, but it makes me feel like a total idiot. And it doesn't help the the cutest boy in the ward (the one that I secretly like but my friend has dibs on) is watching. That doesn't help at all.
Moving on..... the theme for our banner/poster is STEPS TO FOREVER, so the leaders mixed up a whole bunch of concrete blocks and we all got to decorate one and and then we will paint the bottom of our foot and put it on the concrete. Very cool. They had all kinds of cool decorations like Mosaic tiles and little pieces of colored glass and pretty color pebbles and little ceramic butterflies and awesome stuff like that. I decorated mine with a red and orange color scheme and I'm going to put my foot on the diagonal. And there's a star drawn with a plastic knife in the middle that the the paint's gonna go over. It looks really cool. Not as cool as some of the other ones, but cool. I was gonna take a picture and post it on here, I went and got the camera and everything, but by the time I ran home and got the camera and ran back, they had moved all the concrete blocks. :( :( :( :( I wasn't very happy about that, but I guess I can get a picture once it's all done and I get it back. So that's what I did last night.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shhh...I'm hiding from my closet

Why am I hiding from my closet, you ask? (or maybe you don't ask) Because it's a huge mess! I rearranged all the furniture in my room the other day, and so (to make floorspace for all the bookcases and stuff ) I shoved everything I could fit in my closet. I'm afraid to open the door now. Ok, I'm not afraid to open the door because I think stuff will fall out, but I'm afraid if I open the door I'll have to clean my closet. I DON'T WANT TO CLEAN MY CLOSET! So I'm stalling. And stalling. It's not gonna do any good, because as soon as my mom reads this post she's gonna go make me clean it, but I'm stalling anyway. So I'm just gonna write random things going on lately.

who's there?
potato head who?
potato head who?
My brother made that 'joke' up. He's 4. It's actually better than most of his jokes, most of them go like this:

who's there?
I don't know, why?

What else can I write about? I guess I could do another book review ::sigh::

This is the first novel written by Christopher Paolini, when he wrote this he was about 16, I think. It's pretty much just Star Wars chopped up and moved around, but with dragons and elves and dwarfs instead of aliens and magic instead of the Force. But it's actually pretty good. (maybe I'm just think that b/c I like Star Wars though) It's about a farm boy called Eragon (shocker!) who finds a dragon egg in the forest and it hatches and he has to raise the dragon and protect it from the Empire and the evil King Galbatorix. (dunh, dunh, DUNH!) And so of course he has to fight the Empire and help the Rebels and all that. (But they don't blow up the Death Star) I like it, but I think I liked it more before I saw Star Wars. I would recommend it to middle schoolers. Maybe older elementary school kids, but it's kinda to violent for younger kids.

I should probably have made this into 2 posts but whatever, I guess I'll go clean my closet now ::snif::

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The pressure's on now...........

........... I actually have to do a book review.

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary
I'll admit I didn't really have high hopes for this one.... I mean, Brandon Mull (the author) is great, but not super-great. This book was great, though, it totally blew me away at the end. I would totally recommend this for middle school/ elementary school kids, but adults, not so much. It is the 4th of the series, though, so you might wanna read the others first. It's about these 2 kids, brother and sister, whose grandpa runs secret preserve (safe-place) for magical creatures. The kids try to help their grandpa protect the preserve from the Society of the Evening Star, who want to gather some magical artifacts to open a prison called the zzyzzx (don't ask me for pronunciation) and release the demons trapped inside.

Hey, I did it, I ACTUALLY DID A BOOK REVIEW! :o : ) I'm gonna go celebrate now.

Monday, June 8, 2009

day 2 of bloging

So now I have a blog and I have to actually write those post- things. Umm............. what am I supposed to write about? The reason I got this blog is so I could write book reviews, but that's not fun. What ever, I guess. I could write about me, but why would anyone want to read a post like that? Oh well, if you don't wanna read about me, now is the time to navigate away from this page, cuz that's what I'm gonna write about. I'm 12 years old, I just got contacts, a hair cut (I love my haircut) a blog, and I just got out of school. HOORAY!!!!! I went to a tiny little private school with 200 kids. There were, like, 13 kids in my class, and I hated it. They had way to many rules that they never followed up on, way to many stupid ones that they did follow up on, and kids that didn't care about any of them. And it was expensive. Ok, I'm done with that, now what? I guess I'm done for now (yes, I know, you're all SO disappointed).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the first blog thingy

So I just started this blog-thing and I have no idea what I'm doing at all. But it pulls up this typing thing so I'm typing something. I have no idea what this is gonna look like or if it's gonna show up on the actual blog- heck, I have pretty much no idea what a blog even IS- but they told me to type something, so that's what I'm doing. The End