Monday, June 15, 2009

Another book review

Now I have had a blog for a WHOLE WEEK! (hooray!) To celebrate, I'm doing.....nothing. Except another book review. (You're all jumping for joy ;p )

The Work And The Glory
Book 1: A Pillar of Light

I could have read this a long time ago, but I was afraid it was gonna be The Great Mormon Novel. It was actually really good. It's about the Steed family, who moves to Palmyra around the time when Joseph Smith receives the Book of Mormon from the Hill Cumorah. The Steeds, who don't know about Joseph vision or the rumors about him in town, hire him to help them with farm work. So of course, they get tangled up in a whole bunch of problems with Joseph and the villagers and who believes what. The Steed family is fictional, but the hardships they faced were very real for many people at this time. I can't really write anything more about it without giving something away, but I thought it was a really good book.

(crickets chirping)


  1. Hmmm....
    I've never read The Work and The Glory books. Maybe I will, at your recommendation.

  2. I almost got scared by the lightsaber but then I decided to man up so here I am. But I've really got nothing to say, I've never read any of the Work and the Glory books and honestly, I doubt I ever will. But well, stranger things have happened, you just never know do you?


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