Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random crap and a book review

Agneta Nat Magog's F's Josh Ry Ltd TKO hotcake Y's jays jg

These are all words according to the spell check dictionary. Here's some more:
Hegel;VJ;Ty Gd Kurd kited FUD kg;FL68gov Dolf tautology duly fut luff lavage Du

(Why, yes I am stalling, how did you ever guess?)

Whatever, I'm just gonna do a book report.

Millicent Min: Girl Genius

This is a really good book, not because of the way its written, but because of the storyline.
It's about this Chinese girl who is a super-genius-11-year-old- junior-in-high-school who has no friends, because everybody is scared of her super-smartness. When summer comes around Millicent's parents sign her up for volleyball because they want her to have a more "normal childhood". That's where Millicent meets Emily Ebers. Emily doesn't know about Millicent being a genius, and Millicent wants to keep it that way. So she lies. Of course, lies have a way with catching up with you......
I really like this book because it's written from Millicent's point of view, and even though she tries to say she doesn't care, you can see that she is really lonely and looking for a friend. And then Emily shows up, and Millicent thinks it the greatest thing that ever happened. She lies about being a genius because she thinks it will help her frienship wth Emily, but deep down, she knows it won't. This story is also written from Emily's point of view, in a different book, so that's really cool too. I really like it, but I don't know if an adult would.


  1. Yes, hotcake is a perfectly good word. Why on earth would you think otherwise?

  2. Because the random collection of letters before I spell-checked it was something like, um... well, I remember that there was a j in it, but spell check changed it to hotcake.

  3. I'm just wondering if we're talking about hotcakes of the vegetable or animal variety.


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