Friday, June 12, 2009

More about me and my family

As you should know if you read my profile I live with my Mom, Dad, and 3 brothers. I am the oldest, and I am the only girl. I am 12, Thelly is 9, Scaffy is 7, and Monkey is 4.

A few random facts about Thelly:
1. He thinks he is my mother.
2. He is all ways trying to get on my nerves. Most of the time he succeeds.
3. He loves Star Wars, but not as much as me.
4. He also likes Legos, Transformers, and Ben 10.
5. The world revolves around Thelly.
Thelly's favorite quotes: "So, I don't care!" (he says whenever he is trying to get out of a lecture, which is often) "Puke!" "What did you say?"

A few random facts about Scaffy:
1. He thinks he is funny. He's not.
2. He has to be CONSTANTLY entertained.
3. He likes Transformers, Ben 10, and staring at a screen.
4. He also likes Star Wars, but not as much as me.
5. I think of all my brothers, he is the most like me.
Scaffy's favorite quotes: "No!" Yeah!" "Awww!" (you have to think of theses in a really weird voice)

A few random facts about Monkey:
1. He is totally adorable!
2. He can ride his bike all by himself!
3. He can count to 40, and he can tell you most of the letters in the alphabet, and he can read those short 'I'm learning to read!' books.
4. He has not gone to kindergarten yet.
5. He also likes Star Wars and Ben 10 and all those things.
Monkey's Favorite Quotes: "I love you" "Stop Thelly! Stop it!" "Where's Puppy?" (Puppy is his stuffed animal that he carries around with him EVERYWHERE!)

I love them all (some of the time.)


  1. Wow, you're lucky to have all those brothers. :) I only have one--and he, poor thing, has zero. (Just four big sisters.)

    It's good you love them all at least some of the time.

  2. Well, it is cool, but not scary.


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