Friday, June 26, 2009

Mom is making me do a book review :(


Sword of the Rightful King

It's a novelization about King Aurthur pulling the sword out of the stone. I didn't think it was all that great. The cool thing was a little side story about one of Merlin's apprentices who was actually Queen Guenevere in disguise. She was trying to get revenge on this guy who left her sister. She made herself look way younger and got into the castle as a teenage boy. But of course she was way older and more experienced than that so when you are reading about it you are like "How does he (cuz you don't know he's actually a girl) know that?" That was the only part of the book that was interesting. The big problem (that leads to the climax or whatever) was some evil witch who was gonna curse the sword so that she could pull it out instead of Aurthur, but nothing happened with that so it fell kinda flat.
I don't think I really like Jane Yolen that much. Too many of her stories are like: "OK, once upon a time, this happened (or that). The End"
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