Monday, February 15, 2010

So who's watchin the Olympics?

I have, that's who!!! And it's been great!

Well, mostly.

They totally screwed up the torch-lighting ceremony. See, they had these 4 pillar-like things that came up out of the ground/stage and wrapped up around the actual torch/cauldron. And only 3 of them came up!! But first they spent 5 minuets trying to figure out why the 4th one wasn't coming up. and to the 4 torch bearers (1 for each pillar-like thingy) just stood there (actually only 3 of them stood cuz one of them was a Parolympian in a wheelchair) with these big, worried smiles on their faces, trying to figure out why the pillar-like things weren't coming up and what they were supposed to do now. And then the technicians said "What the heck, pull the other 3 up anyways." And so the pulled the other 3 up and so it looked really lopsided. And there was a trench filled with lighter fluid in them that the torch-bearers lit, but since there was only 3 pillars, only 3 of the bearers got to light the cauldron :_(

(That's a crying face, BTW)

So it looked like this:

But with 4 people and only 3 pillars. :0


  1. Oh, I missed that part. Poor 4th torch bearing person who didn't get to light their cauldron.

    I watched the men's half-pipe. Shaun White is awesome.


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