Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changes in the Ward

(I I have any non-LDS readers, you probably won't understand any of this. Just to give you a fair warning.)

Our bishopric got changed today. The whole stake presidency was there and the stake president got up and gave a really awesome talk (he give the best talks evah) about the organization of the church, how we don't have a paid clergy, and how everything is subdivided. The Stake president presides over the whole stake, which is divided up into wards, who have their own presidents called bishops, who presides over the whole ward. In every ward there is a fully organized and staffed Relief Society, Young Men's quorum, Young Women's organization, and a children's primary and nursery, Sunday school teachers, Activities committee, Ward Choir, and Home and Visiting teachers. And some others that i can't think of right now. And none of them get paid! But in order for these to work, the Stake president said, there have to sometimes be Changes. Today there are going to be some Changes on the Bishopric of this ward.

Now, our old bishopric had served for some 5 years or so. So you'd pretty much think they were done, right? Oh, no. No no no no. The old bishop, Bishop.... um.... Bishop Norman, has been replaced by his old first counselor, who is now Bishop Norman! They have the same last name! It was pretty funny.... :)

And a church hymn... I'm gonna try to do those more often.

And cuz I didn't really like that arrangement...

Your welcome :)

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