Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's Been Happening At School Lately I love LVA, I love my classes and the school and some of my teachers, but I HATE being gone from 6 to 5 every. single. day. It sucks.

Sooo anyways......

I got my schedule changed at school this week. I'm in completely different classes then I was in the first two weeks of school. So that kinda sucks. But it was a good change. Apparently, I didn't have to have my P.E. credits finished in order to change classes, so there was actually no point in my original schedule, but whatever. I dropped P.E. and Music Appreciation- UGH! Music App!! The teacher is about 82 years old (he looks like he's about to fall over dead in the middle of class (like my Grandma almost did!) ) and he has this super-quiet old person voice. And he stands up at the front of the room and tells up that when we start this class he assumes that we know absolutely nothing about music.
Let me remind you that this school is dedicated to the MUSICAL ARTS- ok, and theater and visual arts. But WHY would you take a music appreciation class in you were a tech theater major? YOU WOULDN'T! THERE'S NO REASON WHATSOEVER!!!
So we spent the whole class bored to death while this ancient teacher stand at the front of the room and tell us the difference between a whole step and a half step. Ugh.

So I dropped that class and took handbells instead, which I love. I also took on orchestra instead of P.E. (Yay!) and I got different Biology and Geometry teachers who are waay better (or at least nicer) than my old ones.

So that's What's Been Happening At School Lately. :) :) :)


  1. School is actually very interesting for me this semester. It's nice to have classes that are interesting. Thanks for asking.

  2. Haha sorry. I forget that some crazy old people feel the need to continue going to school of their own free will ;)


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