Thursday, July 16, 2009

I really REALLY just do not want to blog today.

But I have to. I would be OK with blogging today if I didn't have to do a book review (just in case you haven't noticed, I REALLY HATE (excuse my french) doing book reviews!!!!). And I have nothing else to do a book review on. The only thing I could even do a book review on is 'Scary Stories for Campfires' that was so lame I didn't even finish it. All the stories are like, "Once Upon A Time, there was a ghost in a house. The ghost never hurt any body or anything, or did anything spooky. It was just there. The end." Exciting. It's doing the stupid word underlined thing again and I am NOT happy about that!

Moving on.

Ummmmmm..........I have nothing to move on to. Wait.......oh yeah!
Dad is taking me to see Harry Potter tomorrow. I am expecting it to be VERY VERY bad, but I'm gonna go see it anyways, because you have to see the Harry Potter movies, DUH!

I have a swim meet on Saturday. I'm gonna suck, because I missed a lot of practices when I was at Girls Camp, so everyone is faster than me now.
I don't really like swim team.
I bet I would like it a lot more if it helped me get more tan. I can't tan to save my life. I am all ways the whitest person (by a LOT) at young women's swim parties. :(
(now you're creeped out, 'cuz you think I can hear you)

The End.

P.S. I love my grandma for her orange drop cookie recipe. The End.


  1. I love her for that too. She would try and make them last long enough to go in our school lunches by bagging them in twos and putting them in the freezer. It didn't work. Turns out they are even better frozen!

  2. hey magil how are you I went to see Harry Potter today I personaly thought it was realy good! But thats just my opinion! And ps. I love her cookies to!

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  4. Harry Potter was actually ok. Not as good as the book, not by a long shot, but it was ok.
    I'm gonna havta try freezing those cookies now.

  5. This is probably the finest book report in the English language. I cannot stand how good you are at this.

    Orange drop cookies are only edible when frozen. This is a fact.


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