Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is starting to get really, really old...

..'cuz I have to do a book rveiew. You know the drill.


Book 1: The Invasion

Wow, this is a pretty big picture.

It's about these 5 kids; Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, and Tobias. They're heading home from the mall one night and they decide to take a shortcut through and abandoned construction site. while they're in there, an alien spaceship fall from that sky. Inside is a fatally wounded alien called an Andalite. He warns the kids that there is another species of alien called the Yeerks. The
Yeerks are parasites. They can enter the brains of other species like Andalites and humans and take over their brains. The Andalite gives the 5 kids the power to morph-to collect a sample of animal DNA and use it to change themselves into a replica of that animal. The kids run away, and the Andalite is killed by the leader of the Yeerks- Visser Three.
Now Tobias, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, and Jake are mankind's only hope of stopping an alien invasion.

It sounds really bogus, but I like it.


  1. I think I'm going to give this book a a if it's all the same to you. It's mort that you didn't make it sound great it's just that ... Um, hey what's that?

  2. That picture is creeping me out, actually.

  3. You should see the some of the other book covers, like the one where she turns into a very hideous alien.

    But ya, they are kinda creepy.


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