Friday, July 24, 2009

It's a miracle!

I'm actually looking forward to doing a book review.

(sounds of several people in the background falling over in a dead faint)

That's because I have a totally awesome book to review on (drum roll, please).

This is the greatest practical how-to book EVER!
It has all kinds of cool stuff, from Jump Rope Rhymes to Cool Science Experiments to Gin Rummy to A List of Books That Will Change Your Life to Putting Your Hair Up With A Pencil to Back Walkovers to Joan of Arc to Build Your Own Scooter- out of wood boards!

Every girl needs a copy of this book (there is a boy's addition, too, BTW). There is also a Double-Daring Book for Girls, but I don't have that one. I would recommend checking it out, though.

My aunt Alison Wonderland is one of the greatest people EVER (right up there with the guy who invented the printing press and Master Yoda {told you I'm a nerd}) for getting me The Daring Book For Girls (plus I know she's gonna read this and a flattered aunt is the best kind to have when you're going to visit a few weeks from now) .


  1. Hahahaha! I didn't know that you remembered that she had given it to you.

    (Al, she spontaneously mentioned what a fabulous book this was, this morning. Of course, I suggested the review.)

  2. Sarah you're my hero (but where's my link?)

    And "not bad at all" huh? I'll take it.

  3. I've wondered about this book, so thanks for reviewing it.

    I like your new blog look. No more intimidating light saber, I see.

  4. I dunno how to post links, sorry.
    And the lightsaber is still there, is it really that scary?


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