Friday, February 25, 2011

I have had the most amazing week!


Last Friday was Kira's birthday!! We went to see I am Number Four on its opening night, and it was incredible. The score was good, the actor was to die for and the plot was science fiction in all its epic glory :)

Saturday, the next day, was really fun too, but I can't remember why for some reason... I'll come edit this when I remember whatever it was that I did that day.

Sunday I had Mormon Youth Chorus. We are Singing an Easter cantata called The Lamb of God, it's so beautiful, but energetic at the same time. My favorite song is called Hosanna, it's some very happy and exciting-sounding, really challenging music! It changes Time Signatures every single measure, for crying out loud! And it has a high B at the end. Do you know how high that is? REALLY FREAKING HIGH!! Almost two octaves above middle C on a piano.

Monday I spent hanging out with Kira, Jessica and Taylor. We were going to work on the clubhouse (this old garden shed in Jessica's backyard. We're cleaning it out, painting it, fixing it up, hopefully adding some linoleum flooring and furniture and making it into the ultimate Girls-only summer hangout!) but since we've been working on it every weekend for the past month or so, everything is pretty much done! all we have to do is repair the shelving and figure out where the heck we're gonna get some linoleum from.

This week was also very awesome. I'm getting ready (well I should be getting ready, I'm not really) for my Regionals performance tomorrow. Regionals is basically the same as Solo & Ensemble, but it's the next level up. Only people who got a Superior at S&E go onto Regionals. And if You get a superior there, then you can go on to State, which is really really cool.

And today, the BYU Young Ambassadors came to LVA!! The YA's are basically a college show choir, singing and dancing stuff, but they're so good! The preformed for us and then I stayed after school and they taught us some of their dances and preformed some more for them. It was really impressive, how confidently they danced, how huge their smiles were. They seemed really, honestly excited to be here, every minute! The acting they in their oeices was especially impressive. And their director arranged all of their music! It was really cool. When I go to BYU I'm definitely trying out.

Want to know another this great about this week? I have discovered the greatest Facebook status in the history of the universe. It's one of those 'Comment Saying How you Met Me' posts, but instead of saying how you really met me, you lie. You make up the funniest, most ridiculous thing you can think of! Here's what Jessica wrote:
"So I was walking through a valley, a very long, and tiresome valley of Death. Seeing how dreary and sad this seemed to be, I had decided to smile and skip while singing my favorite song. All of a sudden, the valley's guardian swooped down and picked me up. I was still smiling, singing, and skipping in the air, and it asked me what the freaking crap I was doing. Well, I didn't get to answer that, because a flaming arrow hit the guardian, blowing it up. Falling, but still skipping, I glanced down, and saw a fair maiden with a bow for the arrow smile and wave at me. We talked ever since, and that's how I met you ;D"

So I'm giving you, my faithful readers, the same challenge. Be creative! If you could meet me in person, how would we meet?


  1. So, One Boring Day I Decided I Was Determined To Go To Narnia To Escape Learning In School For A Bit So I Rounded Up My Friends And We Went Into The Magical Wardrobe Which Led Us To Some Candy Place Where A Guy Explained To Me How Canibalism Is Frowned Upon. My Emded Up Losing My Friends One By One As We Went Through Narnia And I Ended Up Bein Alone So I Began To Weep And Throw A Fit When I Tripped And Fell And Stumbled Upon You(: We Then Decided That We'd Be Friends And Soon Create Blogs About Pointless Funny Things That Go On In Our Anything But Average Lives(: Hahaha That Was Fun(:

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  3. I'm not creative. Remember, that's why you had to write the tooth fairy letter? But I am kind of disappointed in all your writer type readers. I really thought they'd pull through for you. If they don't I'll dig really deep and tell you about the time I had an enormous being growing inside of me that would only come out with a lot of really painful pushing which I a managed to do......

  4. A B is really freaking high! Do you have to sing that? (Can you?)

    We met at a book club meeting in prison. (Don't tell your mom.)

  5. I do sing the B, but I'm not required to sing it. The only reason I'm a first soprano is because I can hit that note, and most people can't. It's the very veeeeeery top of my range. I've never tried to sing a C, and I sure hope I never will. :)


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