Friday, March 12, 2010


I haven't been blogging AT ALL!!! I'm really sorry... I got back from my trip on Sunday, and I've been working on the post since then, but it has, like, a million pictures so it's taking a while. And then our internet crashed yesterday from all the wind...

So I missed the Super-Awesome Choir rehearsal last week cuz I was in tuscon, and then this week I had a school choir performance at the same time as it. I was disapointed about that, but I had to come to the school one, cuz I got a grade on it. BUT the S-A Choir had an extra rehearsal (for our trip to Chicago late this spring) at 7:30. This one was clear on the other side of town.

Now, the school choir director swore to me that the performance would ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, DEFINITELY NOT go longer than 7:00 AT THE VERY VEEERY MAXIMUM.

Ya, right.

At 6:30 only 2 out of the 8 or 9 choirs had performed. My choir was second to last.

So after we performed, I went back-stage to get my stuff so I could leave. But every single door I tried was locked, INCLUDING THE ONE I CAME THROUGH!!! I seriously thought I was trapped in there! By the time I managed to get out, I way WAAAY too late to make it to the other side of town.... I was mad. >:( Cuz, like, I really like the Super-Awesome choir, and I don't like missing 3 rehearsal in a row. >:(

And the we went to Radio Shack and it got broken into.

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