Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Parties and Actual Conversations. And Random Crap.

This is the actual conversation part:
Ok, so we are driving home from Super-Awesome Choir, and Thelly and Monkey are fighting in the back seat.
Monkey: Mom, Thelly flicked me!!!
Thelly: Yeahbut, he flicked me first!!! We flicked each other!!
Mom: Stop it!! Thelly turn around, and don't bug him anymore!
Thelly (whispering): C'mon, Monkey, let's both flick each other again.... ::snicker::

And this one is years old... but whatever.
Mom: Scaffy, go upstairs and take a bath, please.
Scaffy: Ok.
** 15 minutes later**
Mom goes upstairs to check on Scaffy. He didn't lock the door, so she walks in, and sees Scaffy, stark naked, just... wandering around the tub. No water in it or nuthin'.
Mom: What are you doing?
Scaffy, very clearly exasperated: Mom, you told me to take a bath; you never told me to turn the water on, DUH!!

This is the Random Crap part:
Lately Monkey has gotten into taking pictures on our family's camera. I don't really like it, cuz it's mostly a buncha blurry pictures of the carpet and his hand and stuff. But Some of them are pretty funny:

This was a pic that got left off my Arizona post. It's X, making fun of.... umm.... Bob. Yep, that's right. Bob. ;)
That black spot is where I fuzzed out his real name.

That was the Random Crap part ;) Heeheee....

This is the Birthday Party part:
So we had Scaffy's birthday party on Saturday. It was Harry Potter themed :) :) :)

So me and Jess (you guys remember Jess? Well, she's re-named herself Nichole, and she has a blog over here! :) were in charge of making the cake. Welllll.... actually I was in charge of making the cake, but I made Je... Nichole, that is, help me, because she got a fancy-shmancy cake decorating kit for Christmas. It's really cool. She came over to make the cake while the boys and their friends swam in the pool (Oh yeah, baby, it's March and we're already swimming down here in Vegas!!! Your jealous. Admit it. ;) SO we pretty mush couldn't figure out what we wanted to put on this stupid cake. Soooo... it kinda ended up like this:I fuzzed out his real name and put Scaffy, but that's pretty much how it looked like in the first place. Just, you know, not so fake looking ;)

(this is the space where you laugh at me)

But hey!!! Mom was in charge of the pinata, and it looked like this:
It's two pieces of cardboard taped together with painter's tape and a Harry Potter Balloon stuck on it. It makes me feel better about our lackluster cake.

(this is the space where you laugh at Mom (and I laugh with you))

But it's not like the 7 year old kids care, right?? As long as it's got sugar, they'll eat it. (not that the pinata was made of sugar, but the candy inside it was...) And it doesn't even have to taste good! :)
We let Nichole hit the pinata, cuz she doesn't like Harry Potter (actually, she sorta likes it, but she says it's too scary for her)

So then we went inside and ate the ugly cake and some ice cream. And then we opened presents. Scaffy got lots of Legos and pool toys and crap, but this one was definitely his favorite:Told you he's like a mini replica of me :) :)


  1. Hi how are you?!

  2. I like the random pictures. My kids like to take random pictures with our camera, and we end up with a lot of shots of toilet paper, toilets, and boxes of diapers.

  3. That pinata's pretty ghetto. But I've seen worse.

  4. We love the Percy Jackson books at our house.

    DIY parties are the best. You guys are awesome!


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