Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Awesome week (well, half a week, really) in Arizona!

(After, like, two weeks of uploading pictures, this post is FINALLY DONE!!!! Enjoy!)

THE Arizona trip was AWESOME!!! Except the schedule looked like this:

8:00- 9:00 Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Rehearsal
12:00- 2:00 Lunch
2:00- 5:00 Rehearsal
5:00- 7:00 Dinner
7:00- 9:00 Another Rehearsal

It was crazy!!! But I'm gonna start form the beginning:
Whoops, that's not it.... that's just the super-awesome DINOSAUR that somebody had on their front porch...

Ok, here we go:

The car we drove: It's a bog ol' minivan with failing brakes....

The inside of the Big Ol' Minivan with Failing Brakes... and this was before it was all packed, and it doesn't show the full trunk... girls need a lot of stuff!

My face, five minutes into the drive.

But once we finally (it was, like, a 7 hour drive) got there....Oooh, fancy! We're in the lap of luxury now :)

The choir director, Cheryl Dupont, director of the New Orleans Children's chorus. She's really good!

My AWESOME new friends, Nike and X. I'm not kidding, we really call her 'X'! Cuz her real name starts with an X, so it's really hard to pronounce, but besides, she said she thinks X is cooler :)

Lookit how many kids were in that choir! An this doesn't even show the sides... there was close to 150 kids, total.X in the computer room. Everybody came in here after lunch or dinner, and almost every person was on Facebook! :)

Nike in the computer room. She wore that coat All. Week. Long. And it was, like, 80-something degrees outside!

Me in the computer room.

I was bored, ok?


Me and Mom didn't give a crap about the 'bedtime' part of the schedule. We stayed up talking, reading, and watching TV. One night Mom got this MAJOR sweet craving, it was really funny to watch. :) She was, like, pacing, all around the room, moaning about sweets. So she found the phone number of this Italian pizza place and tried to order something, but it was, like, 11:05 at night, and they had closed at eleven. ;p So she ordered it the next night. It was this AWESOME apple pie thing, but in a pizza crust, and there was tons of cream cheese and Cinnamon mixed in with the apple pie filling, it was SOO good! We made it for FHE treat last night....
And as we were eating this stuff, I was flipping through channels,
and landed on this PBS program about a guy who was dying of ALS and chose to commit suicide rather than go through months of pain and expenses for him and his family, and inevitably, die anyways. :( His reasoning was really quite hard to argue with.
The weird thing was, Mom was reading a book about a guy dying from that same disease! And it was a true story! And she said that the guy in the story took a completely different approach, and accepted that he was going to die, but he tried to help people and teach them about living and dying and stuff in the meantime, and it really blessed their lives, and his life. And it made him a happier person, even though he was dying. I thought that was a really cool learning experience for both of us, and a testimony that God cares about us, cuz really, are you gonna try to tell me it was a coincidence that I landed on that channel while that program was on, and while Mom was reading a book about that same thing? I thought not. :)
A cool picture of X.

What I thought after about 10 hours of practicing the same 6 songs OVER and OVER and OVER...

One of the paper cranes I made during rehearsal. I made several, but I doodled a lot more.

Somebodies Rosemary Chicken that she shredded up to look like a camel :)
It was some good rosemary chicken, but Mom's is WAAAAY better.

The whole Choir lined up for pictures :)

My favorite picture of the whole trip (even compared to that dinosaur :0 )

I'll probably keep adding more pictures, but I just wanted this stupid post up all ready.... so now its up... HA!


  1. I had a great time! Especially since I got to hang out with you for 4 days!!!!


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