Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Star Wars Day.

May the fourth be with you all. :)

At school it's also Flaunt Your Insecurities Day. You pick one of your biggest insecurities and write it on a plain white T-Shirt. It was really weird. How does letting people know what to tease you about make you feel less insecure? Not that I ever heard any teasing, because my school is just awesome like that, but still. Kids wrote things like "Dumb blond" "Awkward" "Never be good enough". "I have two gay dads who adopted me when I was one." I just don't think it helps. After all, if I was confident enough to write my insecurities on my shirt, they wouldn't be insecurities would they? My friend wrote "Body" on hers. She's really pretty and open minded and funny and about as close to stick-figure like as a 14 year old can get without looking anorexic and she's insecure about her body because she thinks she's fat. But now everybody not only knows she feels insecure about her body, they're also looking at her body to try to figure out why she thinks she's fat, which is exactly what she DOESN'T want because she's insecure, right? Its just weird, isn't it?

I'd much rather celebrate Star Wars Day :)My favorite Old Republic Jedi. Cuz Aayla Secura is freaking awesome :)
And a couple of cartoons made by a really hilarious DeviantArt-ist:I think they get bigger if you click on them. :) As soon as the pictures go on facebook I'll post about the Handbells Trip you didn't even know I took, but it was fun so I'll post about it anyways :)

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  1. *snorts* Love those comics!! XD The last one is hilarious!

    -Ley <3


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