Monday, August 2, 2010

Fist day of Girl's Camp

Journal Entry 1- 7/19/10

So today was the first day of my second year of Girl's Camp. It's been....ok, so far. The drive up was fun. Jessica and Kira and I sang Taylor Swift and Wicked and laughed and talked about... stuff that would be really embarrassing to write down. After we got to the cabin where we'll stay all week, we pretty much sat around and waited for the leaders to finish unpacking. Then we ate dinner, and then they dragged us up for the 'Busy Bee Ball'. They go on and on about any and all things 'bee', but it's not as annoying as I thought it would be. I mean, 'BEE' :)
Anyways, the had this dance party. And they didn't play any songs that I knew-not one. And everybody was dancing and laughing and I wasn't -just wasn't in the mood, ok?- and so everybody kept trying to make me dance and whoop etc. and so after a while I figured out if I smiled and moved around a little they would leave me alone- thank gosh. I escaped as soon as I could, and then-when it was over- we had s'mores and devotional and then stayed up till 1 in the morning making fools of ourselves, as per tradition. :)

Ok, it was a good day.

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