Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Girl's Camp- Day 2

Journal Entry 2- 7/20/10

O-M-GEEE!!! Today was SO much fun! I fell like I've been at Girl's Camp for a whole week already :)

So after breakfast this morning we all geared up for this BIIIIIIIG hike- 5 miles (it felt like a lot more, though) of grueling heat up and down switchbacks through Red Canyon. The scenery, though, was absolutely beautiful.

See? I really enjoyed it. And when we got back to the cabin we had 'solo time' for, like , TWO hours! And it was awesome, even though most of it wasn't really solo. Me and my friends went out in the woods and talked and laughed and generally had a really good time :)

And then after we (FINALLY!) had dinner we all played Minute to Win It- Girl's Camp Edition :) It was SOOOOOO much fun! (Note: I'm gonna put in those pictures as a different post because I HATE trying to drag pictures down the whole long line of 'em)

AND THEN......

We took the 1st years SNIPE HINTING!!!!!! YESSS!!

We walked up this hill behind the cabin until we reached this big ol' stump -that was the meeting point. That was where Aubrey (she's a first year,actually, but she guessed about the snipes already so we let her in on it -more real that way, see?) was 'pulled' down the hill by this HUUUUGE angry snipe (7 feet tall, according to Aubrey) and then it 'grabbed' Katy too and so Aubrey managed to 'escape' and ran back up to us shouting stuff like 'Run! Before it gets you too!' and then Kira (the mastermind of this whole thing) said calmly and perfectly reasonably "Don't worry, we'll be fine as long as it's eyes don't start flashing green." So then Katy, who was hidden down in the bushes pushed the button on one of Jessica's big star-shaped flashing earrings. And guess what color they flashed?

Yup :)

The 1st years fell for it hook, line, and sinker! They screamed (actually everybody screamed, except for the few girls who doubled over laughing) and wee all ran down the hill so fast we left Jessica's earring behind (we went back for it later, though)! It was PERFECT! and then we had devotional and we to bed.

Tuesday was AWESOME!

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