Friday, August 13, 2010

Well, I'm leaving today

Goin on vacation (for real this time. :) It's gonna be sooooooo much fun! But I kinda wanna write a good post before I leave, so.....

*Swim team is over. I liked it, but only half as much as I did last year. Out of the three competitions, I only went to one. I just think that's silly, somehow...

*All (well, ok, 3/4) my dad's family came down a while ago for my cousins baptism. I have exactly one cousin on either side of the family who is my age and gender, so when she comes over I'm really HAPPY! about it. So we went to Savers (hey, don't judge! savers has good stuff sometimes!) and tried on all the ridiculously fancy dresses and then the grandma earrings and then we just wandered around and looked at all the cool books and figurine-thingies and Dad got this really cool ice cream maker THAT ACTUALLY MAKES ICE CREAM INSTEAD OF MILKSHAKES!!!!

It's AWESOMELY AWESOME!!! And the ice cream ins gooood, too. :) :) :) Me and Kira (who has a blog now!!! Lookit!) tried to make some last night, but we didn't really know what we were doing so we just came up with a big pile of melted ice cream..... yeah. It still tasted good, though.

* I dunno if I said this already, but I'm learning how to draw. I found some tutorials online and some drawing books and some artists work to look at and BANG! I'm drawing!! I'm not really good or anything, but it's lotsa fun and I can look at my stuff without wanting to rip it up so I'm happy :)

*MATH IS DOOOOOOONE!!!! I have completed my algebra home school course and now I can go on the computer WHENEVER I WANT!!!!!



  1. I applaud you for finishing your math. Really, there's nothing harder than making yourself do something you really, really, don't want to. I am impressed

  2. Okay, so even though your new background makes it a little hard to read your blog, I love it. We already have ours preordered. Whoo hoo!

  3. urm. I know you like Hunger Games, but the background makes the text REALLY hard to read.
    good blog though! I swim too!

  4. Yeah, I don't really like the background, but I'm doing all three book covers and there weren't any good Catching Fire ones... I'm working on changing it today or tomorrow, hopefully.


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