Saturday, August 7, 2010

The last day of Girl's Camp

Journal entry 5- 7/24/10

Wow, I can't believe camp is actually over... it was a wonderful week. I never got the chance to write yesterday, so I'll do it today instead.We got ready to leave the cabin as soon as we got up on Friday morning. I left early with the Bishop, Katy, Jessica and Taylar to set up for REPELLING! I actually like that now! :) The first repel was really small, like 20 feet. I was one of the first people down, and after Jessica and Kira came down we talked about Hunger Games stuff for, like, an hour (yes, I am totally obsessed with those books).

We didn't have enough harnesses and other gear for everyone, s we had to keep switching off stuff, which was kinda annoying. And it took FOREVER, like, at least a whole hour to get everybody down the 20-ft repel... Then we walked a little ways down to the second repel, which was MUCH bigger, 80-something feet, and thus, pretty scary. It was actually really easy and kinda fun. it took another hour to get down that one, cuz we still had to pass our gear back up, and then one of the girls (I'm not even going to give her a fake name) had this massive panic attack. She got on the rope and had this huuuuge melt down, sobbing and crying and refusing to go down. The leaders tried for a hour to coax her down, but eventually gave up and someone took her back out to the cars.

After that there weren't any more big repels, just little boulder hops that I LOVED. There were a couple of tense moments, though, like when it started raining and we worried about a flash flood (hey, we were at the bottom of this big canyon!) and when we passed some other hikers who were really creepy and- oh yeah! when I nearly broke my skull open!

It was after the first repel, when me and Jessica and Kira were sitting around waiting and we were about to go down to the second repel, and so i stood up to get of the big rock I had been sitting on, and went to step back onto this smaller rock, but i missed the rock and fell backwards and flew back and banged my head- hard- on the canyon wall. If I hadn't been wearing my helmet (which I had just put back on a minute before) I would've blacked out, and maybe worse... Yeah, it was scary, and I was freaked out, but after that I was kinda the center of attention, and everybody kept telling me how lucky I was and that was kinda fun :)

Anyways, the rest of the repelling trip was easy, although it took, like four hours, and climbing back out of the canyon was hard. And then when we made it back to where we parked the cars and got ready to leave, one of the leaders cars got stuck on this BIIIIIIG rock, and it took them another hour to unstick it, so what should've been a four hour repelling trip took us 8 hours! So we didn't get to go to the Pizza Factory like we planned, cuz it was too late, but we did stop at Wendy's and that was fun.

We didn't end up getting home till midnight, and when i finally rolled into bed, I couldn't sleep, because my bed felt funny cuz I'd been sleeping on the floor all week. So I rolled of onto the floor and was asleep, like, instantly.

And so ended my second year of Girl's Camp.

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