Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girls Camp Day Three!

Journal Entry 3- 7/21/10

Today was SO happy-making! I can't believe camp's already half way over, but at the same time I feel like I've been here for weeks. We backed up bag lunches after breakfast today and went FISHING! Nobody caught anything (wellll.... one of the leaders 'caught' a dead fish lying in the shallows), but it was a lot of fun anyways, and I got really good at casting. We had devotional after that- on Esther- and I could really feel the Spirit there, in this peaceful little clearing a few steps from the lakefront...

After we got back to the cabin we did rotations. they split us into 3 groups and we took turns going around to several craft stations. One was pedicures (complete with foot massage!), one was Mormon Scones (YUM!) and the best on was making ribbon- flowers. See, you take a bit of ribbon and cut it into 4 circles of descending size. Then you light a tea candle on fire and hold the ribbon over the flame. It kinda melts the edges of the ribbon and makes it look really pretty. Then you hot-glue all the ribbons together and add a fake jewel if you want and then you have your self a REALLY pretty hair tie decoration, or earring, or necklace decoration or whatever. I'll get a picture.

Then we had dinner, and after dinner was our 'Virtue Walk'.

That walk might just be my single most favorite part of Girl's Camp. Some ladies from our ward and some relatives of theirs dressed up as the women from our theme for the week (How Can I BEE Like... Eve, Mary, Esther, an Ammonite Mother, and a Pioneer Woman.) They told us the stories of the woman they represented... and they were SO compelling! Especially Esther.

See, normally, when someone is giving a spiritual kind of talk, my mind -gets bored, I guess- and shoots off in a million directions at once, which almost always prevents me from feeling the Spirit. But I don't think i had one random thought during Esther's talk. I was wholly and completely focused on her message, and I could really feel the Holy Ghost in that room, confirming the story. While she spoke, I was safe from and distractions or temptations Satan could try to throw at me. I was safe.

Eventually, of course, the spell broke. the meeting ended, and I got all hyper again having a spoon/lightsaber fight with Jessica. It was hilarious!

Then we had Solo Time and after that we Played GC games like 'Don't Smile!' 'Big Booty' 'What if...' ect. It was awesome!

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