Saturday, August 1, 2009

THE Twilight book review.

Read the book before you read this post. That is the closest I will come to a Spoiler Warning.
It just wouldn't feel right if I didn't put a picture.

I can't think of a way to dramatize this up a whole lot so ......... I liked it.

I don't think anyone but my best friends (and possibly my mom) can truly understand what an extraordinary statement that is. I spent at LEAST a year refusing to read Twilight because I thought it was to popular and romantic to be any good. But I read it and I liked it.
I didn't really like the romantic-y parts (they touch each other to much)(it's like this love potion in Harry Potter that actually only creates a powerful obsession insted of real love) (WOW, I am such a nerd, using Harry Potter to make an analogy). It starts out like Edward is all mad at Bella and she is scared of him and then she is suddenly all like 'oooh.... He's mysterious and handsome and perfect' when there is NO romantic interest before that and it makes me want to GAG. And then a little while after that Bella is saying that he is like the center of her life. UGH!
And, everything else aside, it's just creepy to be going out with someone who wants to kill you.

And I don't really like all the stuff about his moods changing super fast so this second he's angry and then he's all soft and tender and then he's teasing and then he's serious. ARRGH! I just don't see anything desirable in his character. He's creepy. That's it.
And it's really just odd that he sparkles. That's just weird.


I like learning about his family and their history and their pasts and his history. Edward himself is creepy, but I like his family, especially Carlisle and Esme. Those names are just weird, though.
(Totally random: I'm writing Weird and Creepy way to much)

I really liked the end, though. THAT'S the kinda book I like; the mystery and the action and the bloodshed. Not all the romance-y stuff (actually I do like the romance-y stuff in Star Wars and other places, just not to the absurd degree the romance-y-ness is taken to in Twilight. Confused yet?)
So I liked the end and I liked the history of the family; I just didn't like the absurd-ness of the romance.

The End


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