Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm a Mommy!

Ok.........please don't get all ' oooo......I'm gonna go tell her bishop' on me here. What I mean is I'm a BLOGGY mommy. :) I have inspired THREE (3) of my cousin's to start their own blogs. Here are the links, if you wanna follow them :

I would post the third one but I don't actually know what it is yet. But I'm working on it!

Anyways.......... I was thinking today about how different people 'sound' on their blogs and in real life.
For example, any aunt Alison Wonderland seems (and this is just my opinion, and I mean no offense to her (or anyone else mentioned in this post for that matter)) way more funnier on her blog than in person. In real life she seems (and again, this is just my opinion) much more serious and Grown-Up (make of that-a compliment or not-what you will, Dear Auntie).
Except, of course at a birthday party the other day when she yelled at her siblings "WHY WOULD ONE SACRIFICE A PIE IN SUCH MANNER???!!!??!!! They were talking about hitting someone in the face with a pie (just in case you couldn't tell). My best friend, self-acclaimed
"Ultimate Pie Luvar" (and that is a quote) would totally agree.

I think I am also more quiet and reserved in real life, unless you really get to know me (and sometimes even then). I personally think I am way more funny and outgoing on my blog (and if I am incorrect in that thinking, please don't correct me. "Ignorance is Bliss" after all!)
I think maybe that is because I don't really know the people who read me blog that well (except for Mom, of course).

After all, if someone doesn't like my blog, all they have to do is stop reading it (and not tell me you don't like it, because just imagine what a terrible blow that would be to my fragile self-esteem, oh you poor dear......... (and also I would hunt you down and... well... be very mad at you...(yeah, that's it......))) and I will be none the wiser, because I can't figure out how to get my stat tracker to tell me the names of the people who are reading this blog.
BUT if I creep my Beehives class out in real life (as I'm sure I have on many occasions) I have to hang out with them for years (...and years and more years...oh dear...) and so I am a little more quiet and shy.

Or it could just be the usual explanation- that I am socially handicapped, and since blogging is virtual, my social handicap does not cover blogging.

A or B, folks.

Any way where was I....oh yes, blogger personalities....let's see....

My cousins (the ones I posted the links to) seem to be a lot more talkative and expressive in real life, especially Goldilocks (and again, I'm not trying to offend at all, if she's reading this).
On their respective blogs they are, well...short. That's not really a bad thing, but they
( just Goldilocks, actually, I don't think it's very fair to generalize JustinMan's because he's only posted, like, once) just seem to use short words and sentences and posts and stuff like that. Probably because she is a heck (excuse my french) of a lot younger than me.

So..................... in many fewer words, today I learned two (2) things....
1. That people might behave very differently in real life than their blogs might suggest.
2...... That I am VERY long-winded.

Happy Last Week Of Summer! :)


  1. WHAT!?! How could you say that about me?! (Other than because it's true?) Sure we're all more confident, and therefore funnier and more clever and all around cooler on our blogs. (Wouldn't it be nice if we had the luxury of spell check and time to reflect on what we're saying before anyone else heard it in real life?) So unless you catch me on a really good rant (which does happen occasionally) in real life I don't sound much like I do on the blog.

    BUT I think the blog self is who I really and (and who you really are and so forth) because I'm not censoring myself based on who may or may not be reading (much) nor am I changing what I'm saying based on how I think it's being recieved, I'm not altering what I'm saying because I can read your body language and you don't seem to agree. Does that make sense?

    Oh and Maggie just doesn't write much because that girl can't type for crap (excuse my french), we're working on it.

  2. I miss you! (and the boys too....)

  3. You inspire me, I should start a blog. If it were anonymous maybe I could find my other self.


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