Thursday, August 6, 2009

In loving memory.....

Our dear fish, Georgie passed away quietly ::sniff:: (with a lot of jostling of his tank from my brothers trying to get him to move again, actually) on Tuesday afternoon. He was 1 1/2 years old. ::sniff:: Georgie's body was laid to rest in the toilet yesterday morning. ::sniff, sniff:: May he Rest In Peace in that great fish bowl in the sky. ::sniffle::

At least Georgie died in the water. When I was about 3 I took my fishy (Strawberry) out of the water 'cuz he wasn't swimming and went and showed him to my mom. That was the last time we had a fishy until a year and a half ago.

And we're NOT getting a replacement Georgie.


  1. Aunt Melanie stepped on her dead fish who comitted suicide by junping out of the tank. Just the idea of stepping on a dead fish grosses me out to this day.

  2. Sorry about Georgie. :(

  3. I've actually had a few jumpers. one I didn't find until few weeks later, he had jumped out and fallen behind the table the tank was on and dried out and stuck to the wall. Sean had to get him for me. I just couldn't do it.

  4. Because I love you, I thought you'd like this link:

  5. So, hello, darling Migillicutty! I had no idea you were such a young sprat! Nothing personal - I have a great big soft spot in my heart for young sprats.

    I just popped over here to meet you since you've been showing up on my comments list. (And you're right: no matter what bloggers like Kristina and Motherboard say, we totally LOVE comments, don't we??)

    Your blog is cute! I'm more a Star Trek gal than Star Wars (sorry!) but I think that's because I'm older than you are by, what? thirty years?

    I was sorry to hear about your fish. Our house is where all fish go to die; I'm surprised yours didn't swing by on his way to the Pearly Gates.

    Keep reading, cutie! And keep blogging! And keep commenting!


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