Saturday, August 22, 2009

I don't want to come up with a clever title for this, so.....

Guess what peoples? ( BTW, that's a real word according to spell check)
I am going home tomorrow! I am really looking forward to that. Hanging out with cousins is fun for a while, but after a week and a half you sorta start getting tired of each others company. And my cousins (being girls) can drag out a fight way longer than my brothers (being boys) so I'm not used to it. And I'm just sorta just ready to get back to normal life, you know? The only problem is that since school start the day after we get back, and I still don't have a schedule , so the chances of getting back to normal life are pretty much zero :( Oh well. I will be seeing my dad in about an hour and tomorrow I get to go to the Okirrh Mountain Temple Dedication (I know I spelled it wrong) and then later that day I get to see my mom, so that's all pretty good :) So there you have the ups and down of my life in the next 48 hours. Good night!


SERIOUSLY, people? What is the point of blogging if nobody comments? If you can't think of anything to say about the post, THEN JUST SAY "HI"!

Have a nice day.