Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The 13th Reality

Tick (a nickname) Higginbotttom (I didn't make it up, the author did, blame him) starts receiving mysterious letters one quiet September from a mysterious Master George (do you get that it's a mystery yet?), who wants Tick's help saving the universe, (and the other 12 versions of it) from the evil, yellow-loving Mistress Jane.
Tick has to put together 12 clues to discover how to actually meet Master George and receive further instructions from him. Along the way he meets Mothball (a very friendly, 8-foot tall woman from the 5th reality), Rutger (from the 11th Reality, he is short, round, and Mothball's best friend), Sofia and Paul (an Italian girl and American boy to whom master George has also sent pleas for help), and Norbert Johnson (the Alaskan postmaster who originally sent Master George's letters).
Once Tick, Sofia, and Paul arrive at Master George's secret Headquarters (in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle) he explains that there is not 1, but 13 versions of the universe and that people of various genetic (and other) differences live in all of them. Mistress Jane is plotting to destroy the realities and rebuild them according to her own preferences.
Master George sends Tick, Sofia, Paul, Mothball, and Sato (another boy to whom Master George sent his letters) to steal Mistress Jane's source of power and trap her in the 13th Reality.

Gee, what a cliffhanger..........


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  2. Wow! I didn't even have to bug you to do a book review this time. What's up?

  3. I like this book. I'm much better at doing book reviews about a book that I want to tell people about.

  4. Catherine CarlsonAugust 5, 2009 at 1:58 PM

    I couldn't tell from your post whether you liked the book or not, but I gather from the above comment that you did. Good to know.


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