Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Back for the third time....

Chicago was soo awesome, but I want to do it justice, so this is not the Chicago post. I'll put it up when all the videos and pictures are uploaded on facebook. Not that facebook is more important, but I can't use other peoples videos until they're on facebook, you know?

(It really was awesome, though)

This is actually the post where I wish you a Happy Star Wars Day (!!!!) and tell you some adorable Monkey quotes.

Monkey: Mom, I know how to grow beans in a wet paper towel. It's very simplicated.
Monkey: Mom, I know what you call people who litter on the street.
Mom: What?
Monkey: Litter-fish!!
Mom: What? Do you mean litter- bug?
Monkey: Oh, yeah.... that's what I meant.
Scaffy has become recently fixated with papayas. I dunno what it is, but he's always talking about papaya seeds, papaya trees, papaya trees growing in your stomach if you eat their seeds, etc. So when Mom went shopping today she bought a papaya and let Scaffy try some.

Papaya smells like a newborn baby with a diaper full of diarrhea. And I imagine it tastes similar, but I've never eaten the contents of a diaper used by a newborn baby with diarrhea, so I can't tell.

Either way, I think the papaya fixation is over.

(Happy Star Wars Day!!!!)


  1. I don't think I've ever had papaya either, and I doubt I will after your review.

  2. "but I've never eaten the contents of a diaper used by a newborn baby with diarrhea"

    Very reassuring.

    I think "simplicated" is a very good word. Happy belated Star Wars day. :)

  3. The idea of papaya is great but the reality... not so much.


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