Sunday, May 30, 2010

Press Forward, Saints.

On Friday after school Jessica (she changed her name again) and I went to the Floyd Lamb state park. It's this big park covered in bike paths and a buncha small lakes, it's soooo much fun. And the bathrooms aren't horrible, either. We went rollerblading for hours and I only fell one, but Jessica got her knees all messed up... and I told the the 74th Annual Hunger Games, which apparently I know by heart. I got right up to the middle of the feast before we had to go home, so now Jessica's dying to hear the rest.

I don't think I'm going to tell her, I'll think I'll make her read it for her self.


The Stake Youth Choir which Jessica and I are part of sang for seminary graduation today. It was really boring, but the brownies after ward were good!

Yesterday Mom and I went on our annual (actually it's probably closer to bi-annual, but don't tell Dad that) super-mega shopping spree at (Dun Dun Dunh!) Savers.

The thrift store.

I know.

But we came home with 4 1/2 HUGE bags full of clothes and shoes (TONS of shoes!) and swimsuits and earrings and cute hats and flip flops and cute shirts and capri pants... total $259.72- with a 20% discount! But now we have all the clothes we need for the next year... it was a lot of fun.

:contented sigh:

And tomorrow we (Jessica and I, obviously) are riding my parent's tandem bike in the stake fun run/bike/walk/scooter/stroller/whatever, and that's gonna be lots of fun, and then the day after that is the last day of school!

What's new with you guys? :)

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  1. This is my favorite hymn right now. We sang it today at church and it made me happy.


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