Monday, May 10, 2010

What's been going on lately.


My cousin Ryan: Migillicutty you can be my second best friend, but you can't be my first best friend because Jamie (same age little girl who live next door) is my best friend and I don't want to ruin that relationship.

Scaffy: Migillicutty, do you want to be in the Mango Club? It's a club I started. It has like, 10 members!
Me: What does the Mango Club do?
Scaffy: It.... I.. ummm.... I haven't decided yet.

I think Mangos have replace Papayas. Mangos at least taste good.

So tonight is our ward's Wild West BBQ, the second ward activity that my parents have been in charge of. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. They're a Costume contest and a Baked bean contest. If you win you get the Golden Ladle, which I got to spray paint this morning. The only problem is that Scaffy get to be one of the judges.

I got to make the certificates of the winners of the two contests, too. It was fun. I'm getting better at stuff like that.

So GUESS WHAT!!!! Our (mean) neighbors who live down the street got 'robbed'.

See, they used to get all these foreclosure notices, so when this U-haul truck shows up one Saturday nobody was really surprised. We just figured they were finally getting kicked out. So this U-haul truck is there all Saturday and all Sunday, but the weird thing was that the guys moving the furniture into the U-haul weren't the people who live in that house. When Mom pointed that out to me I just said they must've hired somebody to move the stuff for them. But none of the people who live in the house are even watching. They're not hanging around to make sure stuff doesn't get broken or anything, in fact the people who live in that house aren't there at all. Weird, right?

And on Monday the U-haul is gone. Mom goes running in the early morning and sees this big pile of old furniture and stuff that out by the garbage can, just stuff that's not worth taking with you when you move, right? But there's a lot of stuff, so much that Mom figures there's no way the garbage men are gonna take it all. But they do, because when Mom goes to take my little brothers to school at 8:30, there's nothing next to the empty trash can.

And then that afternoon, the people who lived in the (now empty) house are seen for the first time all weekend. They go knock on a neighbors door and say, "Do you know where all our stuff is? We just got back from vacation and our hose is completely empty and we don't know why."


Dad says they paid the 'movers' to put all their stuff in storage so they could get insurance compensation for it.

I dunno, but it was really weired.

And also, we've had two empty houses in our neighborhood be moved into this week! One house has an empty nester couple in it now, and the other is a family from our ward who have kids almost my same age. AWESOMENESS!!!

The Chicago post is (hopefully) going up this after noon! I dreamed we went back there ( to Chicago) last night. I have been dreaming the weirdest things lately! I dreamed a black guy was chasing me around a hotel after I flipped him off (I have never flipped anybody of in my life, BTW, I have no idea where this came from), I dreamed I was about to die in the hospital because my legs were broken( and the sheets were made of this heavy red velvet stuff), I dreamed I got to read the next Eragon book before anybody else (and I got to know all the secrets)... etc. It's really very strange.

SO..... that's what's been going on lately.


  1. I like that the "robbers" took the stuff that they wanted but then threw away the rest of the stuff. That seems like a lot of trouble to go to.

  2. that is strange!


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