Friday, April 9, 2010


SO... I was on my way to the Super-Awesome Choir yesterday, and Mom was listening to the new on the radio. I was reading Fablehaven (the 5th book is here!!! I got halfway finished before my cousins left and took it with them (it was their book)) but I heard a little bit of the report. Guess what it was on?

Yep... socks. A Sock Museum!!!!! Technically it was a shoe museum, but it had a new sock exibit. They had all kinds of 8o's socks, and 16th century socks, and sock monkeys, and Napoleon's socks!!! And Queen Victoria's socks!! In the Sock Museum!! Cuz there's really nothing better we could be doing with that money.... we must seem really disgusting to the starving kids in Africa.
I mean a Sock Museum.... Welcome to America, where we have so much money we make a museum out of our socks!!

So we went to the super awesome choir, and got on a fancy shuttle-bus and went to the Governor's Black-Tie Invitaional Dinner. Where the lady's locker rooms have huge, plush loveseats and red-and-gold carpet and hairspray and mouth wash and tooth brushes and (men's) deodorant. And where they serve you fancy cookies and sodas, and have a big huge tent that you can turn all different colors, and they have a Philanthropist Of The Year award. Can you say LOADED!!!! And teh funniest thing was, everybody was all dressed up in their tuxedos and their cocktail dresses, and, like, all the dresses were sleeveless, but none of these ladies got their tan lines erased!!! They looked like this:
BTW, I don't even know who it is in this picture, but it came up when I googled 'sleeveless dress tan lines' so there you go.

But SRSLY, if you're gonna go to something like that wearing something like that, you should go get your tan lines erased. SRSLY.

So we went and sang for that, and then we rode home, at like, 9:30 at night. And we'd had lotsa soda and cookies, so we were pretty hyper. We spent the whole 30 minute ride singing The Wheels On The Buss, Taylor Swift, Popular, from Wicked, and anything else we knew at least half the words to.

It was AWESOME!!!!


  1. The girl is Hayden Panettiere. Obviously you don't watch Heroes.

  2. I'm wondering where you get the idea that tan lines can just be "erased." Just curious.

    I'm glad you had fun!


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