Friday, April 23, 2010

Monkey lost a tooth!

(Isn't he cute??!?!?!) Ok, here's how it happened, as told by my mother (cuz I was at school or babysitting something):
Monkey lost his first tooth yesterday. Or more accurately Monkey ripped out his first tooth yesterday along with the fully intact root and a whole lot of blood. He was in the back seat of the car and he apparently tried to open the plastic clasp on a clipboard I had just bought. I was driving an not paying attention until he yelled "MOM! I JUST LOST A TOOTH!!!" We were actually still in the parking lot so I pulled over to look and sure enough the tooth was out. But it was twice as long as a normal baby tooth because the root which is supposed to dissolve and allow the tooth to fall out without major trauma was all still there. He was really excited for about 10-15 seconds but then the blood which had been pooling in his mouth started to escape and dribble down his chin and on to his shirt. He was slightly dismayed at first as I tried to act like that was normal while I used some left over McDonald's napkins from the glove compartment to mop up the blood. But then I think it really started hurt and he really started to cry.

It didn't last too long though. We had another stop to make at Khol's, so we used their bathroom to rinse his mouth and clean up. It stopped bleeding and he told every one he saw for the rest of the day "I lost a tooth WITH THE ROOT!!!" I don't think any of the people in Khol's or at the nursery or the car wash had a clue what he was talking about, but he's cute and so they smiled and acted excited. Then he took it to school today. The teacher was appropriately enthusiastic and the other children were grossed out. So on the whole it was a very memorable and positive experience.
I love Monkey :)


  1. Not really, he is just smiling really big in that pic... and his face is all dirty.

  2. bravo! Can he rip mine out!


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